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POLICE: Programs help interactions with mentally ill

The unfortunate death of a homeless, mentally ill man by a police shooting challenges us to find ways for mental health professionals and advocates to work closely with police departments to develop programs that will enable officers to successfully interact with mentally ill offenders.

The Memphis Police Department developed a program called “Community Intervention Teams,” which partnered with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to provide 40 hours of instruction to police officers who volunteered to become more competent in this area.

The program, which I was involved with, was in Savannah, Ga., trained officers from all over the

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SHOOTINGS: Police should exercise restraint

Last week was certainly a very deadly week in our area. We had six violent encounters involving our police within six days.

It seems that stun guns and deadly weapons are being used indiscriminately, resulting in injury and death that is not appropriate coming from our “officers of peace.” These people are supposed to be professional and should have had training in methods of arrest that are not deadly. The use of force may be necessary in many cases, but isn’t death too much force?

Laws and rules are created to stop people from doing things that harm others and

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POLICE: Easy way to avoid deadly force

Re: “Some answers needed” (letter, 9-10).

Police shootings can quite easily become a thing of the past. In a confrontation with the police, do as the officer instructs!

We need more empowerment for our police force rather the more constraint. Ever hear of personal responsibility?


POLICE: Law abiders have no reason to fear police

After reading Brian O’Neill’s comments about police academy training in which he didn’t seem to try to do anything more than explain how police officers are trained to react in potentially life-threatening situations, I was absolutely amazed at the number of cop haters who came out of the woodwork.

I have never been harassed, bullied or shot at by the police. Maybe it’s because I have never approached an officer while wielding a knife, tried to run over one of them with my vehicle, refused to obey their orders, or walked into a restaurant and snuffed out the lives of

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POLICE: Some questions need to be answered

The complete story isn’t out yet, but the recent number of police shootings has me wondering if their new policy is shoot first (to kill) and ask questions later? And why is it that the first official statements typically defend the officer’s actions? Are they infallible? Surely not, but it is time to ask some questions of police officers:

• Why was your gun the first choice of defense even when no one had been hurt?

• What attempts were made to get officer backup before deciding to use your gun?

• What is it about holding a knife overhead

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