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POINT DEFIANCE: Put park safety first

Recently, police officers have been removed from Point Defiance Park, replaced by a volunteer watch. I have been running at the park for more than 40 years and am very concerned for safety for all park users who walk, run or ride on the roads.

Many wonderful enhancements to the park are planned, but none directed toward park safety. Cars are speeding through the park, endangering people and animals. Bottles and other objects are thrown at people and some vehicles swerve dangerously close to runners and bikers.

On the trails, unleashed dogs have attacked people and their dogs. Many cars are

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POINT DEFIANCE: Grant would enhance public access

Point Defiance is a great destination to visit in the South Sound region. It has the park, the zoo and aquarium, recreational opportunities and a magnificent view of all the natural surroundings. But it’s missing a critical component: improved public access.

Currently three projects are proposed for this area: the development of Peninsula Park (by the Tacoma Yacht Club), a link between Peninsula Park and Point Defiance, and construction of a boardwalk alongside an estuary restoration project. If funded, these projects will allow public access to the waterside, link the park from the city’s downtown and restore marine habitat.


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TACOMA: Great cities have great waterfronts

I am one of the homeowners in Tacoma’s Stadium neighborhood. I have lived here for many years, and I plan to be here for the rest of my life.

The citizens of Tacoma need to understand that the conflict between the Stadium neighborhood and Sperry Ocean Dock is all about Tacoma’s waterfront and its future.

Tacoma is blessed with a world class waterfront. We are fighting for public access to that waterfront. We want a public walkway from the Tacoma Dome to Point Defiance Park.

We know that there are existing businesses along the waterfront. The zone change will not affect

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METRO PARKS: Funding priorities are askew

Re: “A nicer entrance to Point Defiance?” (TNT, 3-17).

As my car chunked into yet another unfilled pothole after swerving to avoid the debris from a mudslide on the way to a meeting to discuss closing local schools for lack of funding, I reflected on how lucky I am to be living in a community with $175,000 to spend on a study (I need to get into the “study” business) to consider changes to the Point Defiance Park entrance.

A study? And this on the heels of nearly $1 million spent on an unfinished pagoda on the waterfront!

I like

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METRO PARKS: A pricey new entrance we can’t afford

Re: “A nicer entrance to Point Defiance?” (TNT, 3-17).

Is this the same parks department that is closing parks and cutting back services? Yet it has $175,000 to spend on studying a new entrance to Point Defiance?

I’m confused. I thought broke meant broke. Or is this why they closed some parks, so they could have money to waste on this?

A lodge? An overnight conference center? Come on.

First they want to “divide it into manageable chunks.” A technical term, I guess. Then they decide “we can’t look at a park and not look at the whole.”

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METRO PARKS: Why are trees being tortured?

As I walk through Point Defiance Park, I see many trees uprooted by nature and then I come across cables slung across walking paths. These cables are wrapped around trees in the park and are being used to hold up the waterfront homes on Salmon Beach.

What part of Metro Parks’ mission statement does this fall under? And what is the environmental impact on the trees?