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AMTRAK: Lakewood residents’ concerns ignored

Re: “New station plans more popular at hearing” (TNT, 6-27).

It’s nice that Tacoma officials are finally happy about their new proposed station. It’s nice that the Washington State Department of Transportation is working with the City of Tacoma to come up with a viable solution for their station. But the article about the new Amtrak station talks as if South Tacoma is the only community Amtrak is going through on its new Point Defiance bypass route.

What about the residents and businesses in Lakewood and Tillicum, some no more than 20 or 30 feet from the railroad right

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AMTRAK: 10 minutes gained, great views lost

Re: “Feds OK Amtrak rerouting; courts may be next” (TNT, 3-5).

Amtrak claims the change in rail configuration with the Point Defiance Bypass project would save 10 minutes. Maybe. But how is this “saving” accomplished?

The time is primarily gained by eliminating the line running adjacent to Puget Sound between Point Defiance and Nisqually. This includes spectacular views of the Narrows, the Olympics, University Place, Steilacoom and the Chambers Bay Golf Course.

How many train riders really care about a potential 10-minute saving? How many would rather enjoy the view and may factor that in when taking the train?

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OFFRAMP: DOT again manages to mismanage

Over the past year, the state Department of Transportation has publicly embarrassed itself twice.

First, there is the Point Defiance rail bypass project, now undergoing further study, and recently the Sprague Avenue interchange off state Route 16. In neither instance has the agency’s management been able to admit error nor grasp the concept that the citizens would like an open, transparent and accountable government.

The bypass project failed to adequately address traffic, safety and noise concerns and didn’t credibly explain why the existing route was inadequate. The Sprague offramp had a major design error from lack of internal communication, which

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