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PLU: Remembering Lute great Tom Whalen

To any Pacific Lutheran University basketball aficionado, the names of Chuck Curtis, Roger Iverson, Jim Van Beek, Tom Whalen and Curt Gammel read like a Who’s Who from yesteryear.

These five gentlemen comprise my PLU all-time team, at least on the men’s side. I’ll give the ladies their due at a later date. Forgive me, ladies.

When I heard of Whalen’s recent passing, I was both sorrowful and joyful. Sorrowful because I’ll miss our warm conversations at PLU basketball games as we reminisced about the time we spent at Olympic College in Bremerton and our subsequent transfer to our beloved

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PLU: Let faculty vote on forming a union

Re: “PLU fights effort to form contingent faculty union” (TNT, 4-30).

Pacific Lutheran University claims that, as a religiously affiliated institution, it has the right to block the efforts of contingent faculty to form a union to address pay and benefits inequities. This is not a matter of government or religious jurisdiction; it is a matter of human dignity and justice.

PLU relies on a large group of highly trained contingent faculty who make up almost half the total faculty. The lecturers, senior lecturers, instructors, clinical faculty, visiting faculty and resident faculty are all “contingent,” meaning their employment relies

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FROSTY: Westering used football to teach

Re: “‘Ultimate playbook’ gave Frosty inspiration for life” (TNT, 5-5).

It’s been said that a teacher or coach can affect a person for a lifetime, and no one can tell where his or her influence stops. For anyone fortunate enough to have known Coach Frosty Westering, that certainly defines him and is a fitting legacy.

Bottom line: Frosty used the football field as his classroom, and countless young people are better off for it.

One of his players observed that “football was just a vehicle he used to show what was beyond.” Aptly put.


CLIMATE: Bipartisanship on issue is welcome

Re: “GOP Sen. Ericksen pledges to support Inslee’s climate efforts” (TNT, 3-3).

I am encouraged to see that there is bipartisan support for action on climate change.

Climate change is a paramount issue for me and my classmates at Pacific Lutheran University, and we know that every day we delay investing in clean energy solutions means greater climate disruption for our future, and fewer opportunities for us.As evidence, groups of students at PLU are currently moving towards divesting PLU’s endowment of stocks and bonds related to fossil fuel.

In 2008, the Legislature passed a law committing the state to

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UWT: Campus should go tobacco-free

Great news that the University of Washington Tacoma and the YMCA plan to build a fitness center on the UWT campus (TNT, 1-17). May the wise decision-makers (students and staff) at UWT utilize this opportunity to also embrace a tobacco-free UWT campus like Pacific Lutheran University.

Having a tobacco-free campus and a fitness center would demonstrate that UWT values student and staff health and, more importantly, walks the talk. Imagine many students graduating fit and free from addiction.


ACCIDENT: Cross Pacific Ave. at your own peril

Re: “3 taken to hospital after car hits them” (TNT, 10-9).

The article relates how three people were seriously hurt when they were hit by a car while crossing Pacific Avenue near 134th Street in the Parkland area. They were not jaywalkers; they were in a crosswalk.

When the state redid Pacific Avenue some years ago, I noticed that the closer the crosswalks were to Pacific Lutheran University, the safer they were – such as having flashing lights and crossing signals to ensure pedestrian safety.

What is it going to take to put that technology to work further south

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PARKLAND: Nose’s snotty remark was a low blow

As a Pacific Lutheran University alum and employee, I was both proud and ashamed of the story in The Nose (TNT, 12-2) about Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland’s controversial comments while on PLU’s campus.

I was proud of the PLU student who did not let such an inflammatory remark be brushed under the carpet. But I was ashamed that The News Tribune took this story as another opportunity to hate on Parkland.

The first line of The Nose read, “We always knew a trip to Parkland could be dangerous, but not like this.” With that lead-in and a million guesses

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