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TERRORISM: Israel has long fought radical Islam

The civilized world is at war, and the enemy is radical Islamic terrorism. What happened in France last week is what Israel has experienced for decades from Hamas, Hezbollah and the Palestine Liberation Organization.

It’s not a coincidence that the Charlie Hebdo attack was followed by a deadly shooting in a Jewish grocery store. As much as radical Islamic terrorist groups hate non-Muslims (and Muslims who don’t agree with them), they particularly hate Jews and Israel.

Hamas rejects a two-state solution and ultimately wants to destroy Israel. If it were possible, it would deal as brutally with Israelis as Islamic State does

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MIDDLE EAST: What Netanyahu could do

The Israeli Cabinet announces it will not negotiate with a Palestinian government which includes Hamas (TNT, 4-25), which it calls a “terrorist organization.”

What was the Israelis thinking, not many years ago, when they supported and funded Hamas as a rival to the Palestinian Liberation Organization? Israelis know that their own Jewish terrorist groups were essential in the establishment of Israel and that their leaders became hallowed heroes. Two of them, Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, became prime ministers.

Hurling epithets will accomplish nothing. Israel now has what it has long desired: “someone to talk to” in a unified Palestinian

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ISRAEL: Leaders should admit Hamas support, move on

Columnist Charles Krauthammer (TNT, 11-23) and several recent letter writers might ask Israeli leaders why they originally supported Hamas, granting a charter and funds to Sheikh Ahmed Yassin (they would later assassinate him).

The goal was to split support in the Palestinian community for the hated Palestinian Liberation Organization. Lines hardened on both sides, and Hamas became more militant during the first intifada, but Israel still found it useful as a non-PLO force and as a means of infiltrating the Palestinian community, even after the Oslo Accords.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has admitted Israel’s complicity with Hamas and has

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