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TACOMA: Support ban of single-use plastic bags

The White House recently released studies detailing the widespread and immediate effects of climate change. The release of carbon emissions into our atmosphere is directly causing sea level rise, ocean acidification and extreme weather patterns.

We must act to reduce our energy use and minimize, to the extent possible, our consumption levels. In Tacoma we have an opportunity to launch a policy change that will reduce consumption: We can transition from single-use disposable plastic bags and adopt the use of reusable bags.

You may think that the plastic bags with which you carry home your groceries cannot possibly have a

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PLASTIC BAGS: Ban is the too-easy answer

Re: “Keep our beaches plastic-free” (letter, 7-4).

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t re-use one of those “single-use” plastic bags. How about persuading people to stop fouling their own nest (littering)?

But then, plan B – a bag ban – is so much easier.


PLASTIC BAGS: Keep our beaches plastic-free

Our scenic Northwest is marred by a proliferation of plastics in the environment. Walking along a local beach on a summer afternoon, one can’t help but notice bits of plastic garbage mixed in with seaweed and driftwood.

Think of how often you see a plastic bag snagged on a branch, blowing across the street or caught in a storm drain. Not only is plastic pollution an eyesore, it is creating problems in our marine habitat. Imagine you were forced to eat part of the plastic bag in which your groceries came home. It’s a sad reality for sea birds and

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TACOMA: Reduce waste by banning plastic bags

The time has come for Tacoma to support the idea of reusable shopping bags. Plastic bags are harmful to the environment. They are an unnecessary layer of packaging plus a waste of resources.

As a 21st-century city, we need to reduce the waste we generate, not only to limit the amount of garbage on our streets, our beaches and in our waterways, but also to save money in our waste-processing system. This will cut the cost of cleaning up after ourselves.

According to a state legislative finding (RCW 70.95.010), it is “necessary to change manufacturing and purchasing practices and waste

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TACOMA: Get on board and ban plastic bags

With Thurston County’s and Tumwater’s recent approvals of a plastic bag ban, the number of communities in our area that have started to recognize the environmental dangers of these unnecessary items continues to grow.

Mukilteo, Issaquah, Port Townsend, Edmonds, Seattle and Bellingham have all taken a stand on this issue and have made the decision to get rid of plastic grocery bags within their borders. The Olympia City Council will be considering the issue as well.

Bags are recycled at a rate of less than 5 percent nationwide. It costs more to recycle them than it is worth, which means

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TACOMA: Take action by banning plastic bags

A recent news report stated that LeMay Inc. will stop recycling single-use plastic bags in Thurston County. LeMay’s explanation? It has stockpiled more than 60 tons of plastic bags that it cannot sell because, as a LeMay manager explained, “Nobody wants it. . . . There’s just no market for it.”

This shouldn’t surprise us. According to a Sierra Club report, it costs $4,000 to process and recycle each ton of plastic bags, which can then be sold on the commodities market for just $32.

Shouldn’t this cause us in Tacoma to pause and consider why we continue to

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TACOMA: Let’s ban single-use plastic bags

As a member of the Tacoma community I firmly believe that we must reduce single-use plastic bags in our city. The destructive effects of these plastics on the environment are a factor of strong frustration that I can no longer witness within our local ecosystems.

We can make positive changes to our community by turning away from these plastics and looking into different solutions. A sustainable action plan would allow for a healthier city, placing Tacoma alongside the seven other Washington cities that have initiated such changes, benefiting citizens now and into the future.

Single-use plastics bags are a detriment

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TACOMA: City should ban single-use plastic bags

There is a groundswell of sustainable action that is taking place in the state of Washington, and it is time for Tacoma to take a big step forward.

Seven cities in Washington have already instituted a ban prohibiting retail stores from using single-use, plastic shopping bags, and I believe Tacoma should as well. Plastic bags impact marine life, are not reusable and are an outdated method of packaging.

A plastic bag ban would also raise consciousness about the implications of plastic debris and help promote Tacoma as a healthy, smart and thriving city.