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BUSES: Transit changes will burden nondrivers

Pierce Transit’s plan to end paper transfers (TNT, 6-12) is ill-conceived. It is based on the premise that riders are always making a round trip.

Often I drop my wife off on Sixth Avenue. She takes the bus home, requiring two transfers. She takes the No. 1 bus to the Tacoma Community College transit center, transfers to the No. 52 to the Tacoma Mall transfer center, then takes the No. 55 home. Instead of paying a $2 fare, she will now be compelled to buy a $5 all-day pass?

There are many poor and infirm riders who use the

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TRANSIT: Don’t spend our tax money on PR

Pierce Transit is proposing to pay $450,000 to a California public relations and marketing consulting firm to explain to us what buses do (TNT, 4-22). This is horrible. We already know what buses do.

Pierce Transit officials are confused about whose money they are spending. If they are using their money (like from their personal savings and retirements), then I have no problem. But they are using taxpayer money. If they don’t need that money to operate buses, then it should go back to the taxpayers.

Pierce Transit has had a nonstop complaint of not having enough money, and

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PIERCE TRANSIT: CEO’s benefits are too generous

Pierce Transit CEO Lynne Griffith’s contract gives her 25 paid days of personal leave and 21 paid vacation days (TNT, 1-22). How many people get that much time off their jobs?

I don’t understand how a fiscally responsible board of directors and the state Auditor’s Office did not find fault with this cost. With such an overcompensated CEO, it’s no wonder Pierce Transit canceled bus service to the Washington State Fair and other services due to lack of funds.

I never understood the reasoning of not being able to afford the fair buses because we all paid for the

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FAIR: Getting there by bus is hardly ‘a breeze’

The Washington State Fair insert in Wednesday’s News Tribune said it’s “a breeze” to get to the fair, so I went online to check the bus schedule.

As a fair employee, I can get there from the Lakewood Transit Center with three changes, but cannot get home when I work until 10:30 p.m. People who want to enjoy the fair at dark cannot get a bus home.

What is Pierce Transit’s reasoning for not having the “Fair Bus” as it did until a few years ago? I would gladly pay to ride the bus. A last-minute adjustment from Pierce Transit

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TRANSIT: What’s behind sudden ‘found’ funds?

The article (TNT, 7-28) on Pierce Transit suddenly finding funds to avoid cutting back services and laying off employees was enlightening and frustrating.

In last year’s vote, the transit authority tried to scare the taxpayers with a doom-and-gloom scenario. Luckily, we were smart enough to see through their lies.

Now we find out that no cuts are needed and that management has miraculously found funds to close the gap. This screams deception and fraud on the part of transit management who feel they have no accountability to the taxpayers.

If they are unable to forecast their business then they

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TRANSIT: I’ve got mine, too bad for you

Regarding Pierce Transit’s reduction of bus service (TNT, 6-11), Royboy361 commented online: “I was tired of paying taxes for something I wasn’t going to use.”

What a perfect example of a me-first, me-only attitude. Should those who don’t drive cars refuse to pay taxes for roads or to fix the never-ending Tacoma potholes or to prevent our bridges from falling down? Should those without kids refuse to pay taxes for schools?

I never had children but I always supported taxes for schools because they are necessary for the good of society as a whole – as are bus service,

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TRANSIT: Is a name change in order?

Re: “Board cuts bus service; small cities cry foul” (TNT, 6-11).

Maybe a name change is in order for Pierce Transit. With less and less money being spent on service outside of Tacoma, maybe it should be called Tacoma Transit.

Why doesn’t it do like the airlines often do and declare bankruptcy and restructure so it can renegotiate its contracts? Then maybe it could afford better service.


TRANSIT: You don’t want me on the road with you

Re: “3 small Pierce cities protest transit cuts” (TNT, 6-10).

Do the people of Pierce County who rejected the transit tax increase last fall realize what that will do on all the major roadways? I can only visualize people, like myself, who have very poor vision, driving and being the cause of more accidents than we already have due to the fact that these people can’t distinguish colors such as traffic lights and have slower reflexes. These are the people who depend on public transportation or shuttle service to get them to doctor appointments or grocery shopping, amongst other

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