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COUNTY: Speeders make Spanaway Park less safe

I walk through Spanaway Park every day, and it’s been very pleasant the last few months. The south gate has been closed for construction in the park and for Fantasy Lights. Many of the vehicles that use the 20 mph park road to bypass Pacific Avenue speed at 30 or 40 mph or more.

In the last two years I’ve talked to the county parks department and the sheriff’s department about the speed and both would like to see the south gate closed permanently which would be a cheap and easy solution.

The Pierce County Council says it can’t do this because people would complain. Those people

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COUNTY: Sheriff should be using his bully pulpit

I find it disturbing that the only public voice regarding the critical shortage of Pierce County sheriff”s deputies comes from a contributing writer, Brian O’Neill (TNT, 11-17).

He did a great job highlighting the problems in our sheriff’s department, but I am disturbed that our elected sheriff has remained so strangely mum. Why doesn’t he use his bully pulpit to garner public support for his struggles with the Pierce County Council? Is it because he feels beholden to the County Council?

An elected sheriff should be a very vocal advocate for the public he serves and the deputies he

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COUNTY: Sheriff’s department coverage inadequate

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for the whole Key Peninsula and a good portion of Gig Harbor all the way to the Kitsap County line. At any given time there are a total of two cars in service on that side of the bridge.

For the amount of taxes the people pay in the incorporated areas west of the Narrows, they sure aren’t getting their money’s worth of protection.

It’s not unheard of (happened to me) to wait several hours for a response, even in the case of invasive crime. When questioned about their coverage, the department suggests

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PIERCE COUNTY: This isn’t a police state, is it?

In June 2011, an elderly woman’s home in East Pierce County was invaded, and she was threatened with death by the home invaders. The event traumatized both the senior citizen and her daughter, who is home-bound and suffers from multiple sclerosis.

Who were theses invaders? They were the Pierce County Sheriff’’s Department SWAT team (TNT, 2-26). They had attacked the wrong house because they were incompetent and did not verify the address of the house they intended to storm with assault rifles and other military equipment.

In this country now, we are having a debate as to whether a

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TRAFFIC: Neighborhood appreciates action

Since the turn lane and construction has been an issue on 176th Street, there has been an increase in unsafe driving on Waller Road, especially between 176th and Military Road. People are speeding at times 20 mph and more over the posted speed limit.

We contacted the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department traffic division, and within a few days it set up a trailer to slow down traffic. That worked to a point. However, we noticed patrols at both end of our street pulling speeders over in droves.

We have families and children and animals on our road. We want our

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POWELLS: TNT does call-takers a disservice

Re: “Call-takers criticized for 911 calls in Powell tragedy” (TNT, 2-9).

The News Tribune does a grave disservice to all employees of the Law Enforcement Support Agency (LESA) in suggesting that a communications officer inappropriately handled the call that preceded Josh Powell’s tragic murder of his two sons.

To criticize the officer’s tone as rude, impatient and abrupt shows a complete lack of understanding of the job. Communications officers at LESA are trained professionals who answer hundreds of calls daily and must extract critical details that can be crucial in protecting community members and law enforcement responders.

Over the

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SHOOTING: Community can be proud of response

Tuesday, the Anderson family, the National Park Service and this community memorialized Mount Rainier National Park Ranger Margaret Anderson. She was doing her job, pursuing her mission – a mission which often involves risk – when her life was taken from her.

The response to the call by personnel from the park service, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, the FBI and the Tacoma Police Department showed tremendous skill, courage and compassion. The community can be proud of the talent, the heart and the close working relationship shown by deputies, police officers and federal law enforcement personnel.

We honor Anderson for

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PIERCE COUNTY: $730,000 for a boat? Here’s another idea

So the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department wants $730,000 to purchase a new boat for homeland security and patrol purposes.

I would like to propose a less expensive solution to the County Council: cannons!

They can be purchased at any Army-Navy surplus outlet and at a considerably lower price tag than the boat.

My plan would be to strategically place these cannons along Pierce County’s 235 miles of saltwater shoreline. A voluntary citizens militia will be trained to operate them in the event the county is ever invaded by terrorists.