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JAIL: Officials wrong to fear competition

Re: “Race to the bottom” (TNT, 11-11).

Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy said, “It’s a very disconcerting thing about jail services – this kind of shopping around, best deal. You get into this bidding war. And I just think that’s wrong.”

What I think is wrong is that those in charge of spending taxpayers’ dollars view competition as disconcerting. Perhaps those jails with high operating costs should do what the rest of us in business do: look for ways to drive cost out and be competitive.

Who authorized the construction of the Pierce County Jail? Sounds like little analysis

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JAIL: Repeat offender tells an incorrect story

Re: “Pierce County Jail is one constant in his life” (TNT, 6-16).

I would suggest that before you print an article that is potentially hurtful that you do a bit of fact-checking.

My son, Cannon Schultz, was allowed to tell a story that is incorrect. He has never met two of his siblings (his father’s children who moved to Kansas before he was born), and the last time he saw his sister was right before he was arrested again. He has had the same adults in his life for nearly 19 years.

Even our neighbors have done what they

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JAIL: Why allow cities to cherry-pick offenders?

Re: “Pierce County Jail crisis demands legislative fix” (editorial, 6-5).

Why must Pierce County allow other cities/municipalities to selectively ship only the most difficult prisoners to the county jail? Couldn’t they discourage this practice by raising the fees for accepting these high-cost prisoners or by entering into a contract specifying that these cities use the Pierce County jail exclusively or not at all?

If Pierce County is locked into a current contract now, attempts should be made to renegotiate the contract. If renegotiating the contract isn’t feasible at present, it should be abundantly clear the terms any new contact

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RELIGION: Treat Muslims as their law dictates

Re: “Jail limits religion, lawsuit suggests” (9-23).

This lawsuit is absurd. These men were convicted of second-degree murder.

They say that they are being unfairly treated as Muslims. As I read it, as per Muslim law, they should be killed the same way that they killed others.

They want to be treated as Muslims? Treat them as Muslims as per the Koran: “It is permissible to slay the murderer the same way he slew his victim(s), or to punish the aggressor the same way he violated his victim:”


RELIGION: Prisoners shouldn’t expect all their rights

Re: “Jail limits religion, lawsuit suggests” (TNT, 9-23).

In America we have the right of freedom of religion. I am grateful for this freedom. However, I would not expect to have all my rights retained while in jail. If I break the law, I make the statement, “I do not agree with this nation’s laws or its freedoms.”

You must ask, “What kind of rights would I have if I were in jail in a predominately Muslim nation?”

In the U.S., we provide better conditions than a lot of other nations’ jails. I’ve visited many jails/prisons in Uganda, and there

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