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ELECTION: Court needs diversity on the bench

The election of Karl Williams will bring much-needed diversity to the Pierce County District Court.

I had the pleasure of meeting Williams last week. His intelligence, legal qualifications and experience are impressive. Our conversation showed him to be a man who is respectful of the wide range of human idiosyncrasies presented in any courtroom.
If I ever were called on to appear in court, I would want this candidate sitting on the bench.

Williams is so well qualified that voters who normally do not fill out the primary ballot should do so this year, to assure our District Court

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ELECTION: Sandy Allen would be a fine judge

I agree with The News Tribune’s assessment (editorial, 7-10) that we have three fine candidates for Pierce County District Court judge. I believe, however, that one candidate stands out from the rest.

Sandy Allen already has a great deal of experience on the bench, having served as Municipal Court judge in Ruston for the past 11 years and in Milton for the past eight years. She has also served as judge pro tempore in 15 different courts in three counties over the past 16 years.

Allen has been active in the community, volunteering in various community organizations over the

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ELECTION: Karl Williams is thoughtful, experienced

I’m writing in support of Karl Williams’ candidacy for Pierce County District Court. I recently interviewed him and the other candidates on behalf of a countywide organization, and now believe he is most qualified to serve on the court.

Williams has many years of experience as a pro tem judge, invited back repeatedly because of his temperament and knowledge of the law. I found him to be thoughtful and respectful of different points of view, even when he disagreed. And he takes a common- sense approach to complicated issues.

Williams will make a fine judge, and I hope he’ll win

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ELECTION: Karl Williams is the best choice for judge

I agree with The News Tribune’s support of Karl Williams for Pierce County District Court judge (TNT, 7-10). Although three experienced candidates are running for the position, I support Williams. His performance as a pro tem judge is stellar. He is fair and just.

As a fellow lawyer, he helped a client of mine when I took time off work while my mother was dying. His thoughtful approach to my client’s case impressed me very much.


BUDGET: Put people ahead of tax loopholes

The state budget is vitally important to our neighbors who are struggling to find affordable housing, a good-paying job, affordable health care and nutritious food. Thousands of Pierce County families would fall farther through the cracks if not for our safety net.

Budgets are about values; they are a reflection of our priorities. The House budget puts children and communities first; the Senate budget keeps costly tax loopholes open at the expense of the most vulnerable. We can’t protect special interest tax breaks while cutting access to essential services for children and families.

Many families in our community and across

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ELECTION: Sussman clear choice for District Court

In the race for Pierce County District Court position 2, voters have the opportunity to elect an outstanding candidate, Claire Sussman. Ms. Sussman is the only candidate to receive the rating of exceptionally well qualified by the Tacoma/Pierce County Bar Association as well as the News Tribune endorsement.

I have worked with Ms. Sussman as a fellow deputy prosecutor and also observed the excellent work she has done as a pro tem Judge in District Court. She is a person of utmost integrity and intelligence. She has earned the respect of prosecutors, judges and defense attorneys alike because of her

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ELECTION: Kevin McCann showed compassion for victims

I have known Kevin McCann for almost a decade and am proud to support him as a candidate for Pierce County District Court judge.

As the former program coordinator of the Forensic Nurse Examiner Services Program at Tacoma General Hospital, I worked with Kevin McCann when he was a deputy prosecutor in the Felony Sexual Assault Unit with the Pierce County Prosecutor’s office.

McCann was the lead prosecutor on many of the worst cases I handled while working as a forensic nurse examiner, including the successful prosecution of a defendant who abducted, tortured, strangled and sexually assaulted two women.


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ELECTION: McCann has earned public’s trust

Judge David Kenworthy’s thinly disguised political attack on deputy prosecutor Kevin McCann shows exactly why we need to elect McCann to the bench.

The McCann literature doesn’t attack Kenworthy or the court, but it does forcefully point out that we need to pay attention to every judicial race to ensure we elect ethical and experienced candidates. Inattention to judicial races gave us judges who were admonished and even convicted. The problems of one of our court systems affect them all. I’m confident that McCann will help restore the public trust in our judiciary.

I have known every candidate in this

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