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COUNTY: McCarthy should show some humility, gratitude

Pat McCarthy’s claim that the four council members that voted to dismiss the lawsuit against Jerry Gibbs was due to “political pressure” is appalling. For a politician to claim that the people should not be heard because they assembled peacefully in protest is not only wrong but arrogant.

We elect our government officials to represent us. The Pierce County Council’s decision to drop the lawsuit against a private citizen was an exercise in that principal. The people spoke, and the majority of the council understood that they needed to abide by their constituents’ demands.

The rally held at the County-City

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COUNTY: Dangerous road doesn’t need pricey study

So, $100,000 is required to study the need for sidewalks on 168th Street East to Spanaway Lake High School (TNT, 11-8)?

To save money, I advocate the Pierce County Council members walk 168th Street from B Street to 22nd Avenue East on a dark, rainy school day at 7:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. They will make a very fast decision. Use that $100,000 and begin paving!

Sidewalks may be expensive, but I believe a child’s life is vastly more valuable. While the council members are walking, they should note the number of drivers who actually obey the 20 mph school zone. It’s

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McCUNE: What’s with crusade against porn?

Pierce County Councilman Jim McCune continues his relentless crusade to purge the world of porn, the most dastardly, most pressing issue to date facing Pierce County (TNT, 10-14). Except this crusade has been done before, 30 years ago, in this country with the Meese Report, a commission blessed by the Republican messiah Ronald Reagan and cheered on by Jerry Falwell.

Since ascending to his council seat, McCune has gone after bikini baristas, strip clubs and adult magazines. So much for freedom. In between such frenzied actions, he has taken the time, our tax dollars at work, to announce his devotion to

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ELECTION: Derek Young best for County Council

I have lived in Pierce County Council District 7 since it was created back in the early 1980s, so I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly over the years.

The current District 7 councilman, Stan Flemming, spent much of his first term running for Congress while the County Council loses its focus on improving the quality of life for residents.

We have a great opportunity to elect a person to County Council District 7 who has proven to the residents of Gig Harbor for 16 years that he has the skills and commitment to getting the job

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ELECTION: Flemming better understands Tacoma issues

As a longtime Tacoma resident who grew up in Gig Harbor, I strongly support re-electing Stan Flemming to the Pierce County Council. I would like to join Tacoma leaders such as Tim Farrell, Karen Vialle, Ryan Mello, Victoria Woodards, David Boe, Tacoma Police Union #6 and others in supporting the best candidate.

In this era of partisan gridlock and lack of progress in government, it is imperative we elect officials who care more about problem solving than politically driven opportunism. Flemming’s opponent has defined his candidacy in past mailers by partisan politics and blame and does not have a coherent

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COUNTY: Don’t impose religious beliefs

Re: “We should work against pollution of young minds, too” (Viewpoint, 9-28).

Pierce County Councilman Jim McCune proposed tighter regulations on sexually explicit DVDs and adult magazines in convenience stores, linking the sale of these items to pornography. He states that “pornography can lead to addiction, prostitution and ultimately human trafficking. Community standards on pornography are important to have.”

McCune’s statements appear to embody his personal opinion, which is not supported by valid research or based on any facts mentioned in the article.

McCune included information he received from the “Concerned Citizens of Pierce County.” His sister Pat Burgess

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COUNTY: McCune’s wrong about his job description

Re: “We should work against pollution of young minds, too” (Viewpoint, 9-28).

Pierce County Councilman Jim McCune wonders if it is the proper role of government to “prevent the pollution of the innocent minds of our children.”

No, that is not the proper role of government, much less is it the proper role of the Pierce County Council.

McCune’s job as a councilman is to make sure we have roads and sewers and sheriff’s deputies. His job is not to concern himself with the potential future self-esteem issues and sexual dysfunction of our children.


CHAMBERS BAY: What is developer thinking?

Re: “Developer unveils drawings for Chambers Bay resort” (TNT, 9-24).

The proposed drawings for the Chambers Bay resort are atrocious. This sight deserves a building integrated into the landscape, built from natural elements of wood, and stone that would perhaps reflect the concrete structures that stand out in the dune course below.

I can’t imagine what this architect was thinking regarding this design for this space. Connie Ladenburg of the Pierce County Council reminded the council that Chambers Bay Golf Course is the public’s property.

Friends and I walk this trail daily. I haven’t spoken to anyone who is

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