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ELECTION: Jeannie Darneille does what’s right

I direct Oasis Youth Center for LGBTQ youth in Pierce County. Oasis has served thousands of youth and young adults since the community created it in 1988 as response to the unique needs of LGBTQ.

In the early 1990s, Oasis became a program of the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department (TPCHD). In 1996, TPCHD ended its responsibility and oversight over Oasis. Fortunately, Pierce County AIDS Foundation (PCAF), under the leadership of Jeannie Darneille, took Oasis on as on of its programs. Finding secure, ongoing funding for Oasis was a huge challenge for PCAF, but she persevered.

This is just one example

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ELECTION: Darneille’s responsive to citizens

I have never been involved in a political campaign before, but I am deeply involved in Jeannie Darneille’s campaign for state Senate in the 27th Legislative District.

I first worked with her when she was the director of the Pierce County AIDS Foundation, and I was a volunteer at Three Cedars AIDS hospice. I got to see firsthand her courage in fighting for disadvantaged people and in standing up for just but unpopular causes.

I contacted her again recently with my concerns about education, and she took most of the morning to meet with my colleagues and me. I was

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