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PLAN B: Thank extremists from the past

Re: “Don’t give in to extremists” (letter, 2-21).

To call a pharmacist a religious extremist for objecting to life-ending procedures is like calling the people who objected to slavery extremists. The people in Germany who objected to Hitler’s final solution were the extremists of their day. A holocaust is still a holocaust to the innocent victims, even if it is socially acceptable.


PLAN B: A simple solution

Sometimes the simplest answer to a problem is also the correct one. Washington licenses pharmacists to operate here. If your beliefs do not allow you to fulfill the duties of a pharmacist, no license can be issued.

The result is no government sanction of religion and no violation of a pharmacist’s oath and duties. Or you could move to a state that mixes religion and government for its citizens. We should not allow that in Washington.


PLAN B: Core issue is when does life begin?

David DeWolf’s Viewpoint (TNT, 12-27) on health-care providers and the application of the conscience of a pharmacist raises significant questions regarding existing tensions in the federal case before the Seattle court of Stormans vs. Selecky.

If a pharmacist rejects the legitimacy of the Plan B drug on religious grounds, must the pharmacist dispense the drug if a person requests it? Further, what right does a requesting person have in expecting that the prescription be fulfilled in an approved medical request for the Plan B drug?

The tensions lie yet again in the proverbial understanding of when life begins, and

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