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PETS: Why the focus on regulated sales?

I am writing to support Joanie and Ed Glueck, who own Pets and Pals in Tacoma. They have brought happiness to thousands of families for decades by selling great pets and pet products.

One person in the area has the press and City of Tacoma involved in her efforts to stop the sale of animals at pet shops. These shops are currently regulated by the government and must maintain quality products to preserve a good reputation. Pierce County’s and Tacoma’s animal control departments would be on it if there was a real problem.

You can buy dogs, cats, puppies and

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PETS: Control animals or stay off public trails

On Sunday morning, I was riding my bike on the Interurban Trail and had just passed Emerald Downs. Up ahead I spotted a couple with a full-size poodle that was running wildly from one side of the trail to the other, leaving deposits on either side that the owners did not attend to.

I slowed down as I approached, and the man crouched down on the left side of the trail with his arms around the neck of the dog while the woman was on the right side of the trail. As I was about to pass the woman, the

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PETS: Lesson for all of us in Lady’s obituary

I was touched by the pet obituary, “Lady – A Dog’s Prayer” (TNT, 8-10).

It was so plain that Lady had a wonderful life with folks who loved her. A lesson was there for all of us who have a pet and who do not treat it as the prayer requests.

Our pets are so special, and we are so fortunate to share a life with them.

I hope that Lady’s owners find peace knowing that they were loved by Lady. The look on Lady’s face certainly tells it all. If you have a pet and have not read

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CHRISTMAS: Don’t adopt pet during holiday chaos

I’m confused why 15 local shelters and rescues would encourage the adoption of a dog or puppy at Christmas when every expert will tell you the holidays are the worst time to bring a new pet home.

New pets require quiet, predicable environments with routines clearly established and easily followed. A chaotic family Christmas could easily turn tragic or even toxic for a pet.

If you must add a new family member at Christmas, perhaps a promise of a post-holiday shelter visit could be placed under the tree instead.


PETS: Obese cat should’ve done Atkins

Poor Meow, the obese cat, may have been the victim of nutritional misinformation. His special “dry cat food diet” was probably loaded with carbohydrates!

When my house cat started getting fat a couple of years ago, the vet advised feeding her a half can of high protein canned food twice a day. She lost the extra pounds and has been healthy ever since. The vet told me that cats are just like people. They can’t eat too many carbs. Wild cats live almost exclusively on meat, and they eat their food when they catch it, so two daily feedings mimic

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PETS: Nothing cute about obese animals

I would like to bring up a subject that is sometimes mentioned, but rarely talked about, and that is animal obesity.

The other day I was searching the Internet, to see what the world’s largest cat and dog looked like. Sure enough, the results that came up were cats and dogs that were morbidly obese.

It saddens me that the owners of these animals are too blinded to see the forest for the trees. Sure people find a fat cat cute or a chubby dog adorable, but one as to remember that these are living breathing beings with

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PESTS: Cat adoption’s OK; just keep them indoors

Re: “Humane society offers pest-begone devices” (letter, 4-29).

I’m all for pet adoptions. However, please keep those cats indoors and find a different way to get rid of mice and rats.

The Audubon Society estimates there are more than 40 million stray and feral cats in the U.S. and the numbers are growing. These numbers don’t even reflect the “house” cats that are allowed to roam outside. These cats kill hundreds of millions of birds every year.

It doesn’t matter if the cats are spayed/neutered. They will instinctively still hunt and kill birds. Plus, Indoor cats are also safer from

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