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POLITICS: Accountability dwindling in Olympia

It was with great sadness that I read of the passing of Joe Turner (TNT, 7-11). In my tenure as a 22nd District legislator, Joe was as good an Olympia reporter as there was. He served his readers as well as he had served his country in Vietnam. And he had a great sense of humor. Following a retirement party that was held for him in 2009, Joe told me, with a grin, that he refused a House leader’s attempt at that party to unmask me as a source.

It was poignant that on the day Joe died, a

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CALLAGHAN: Best of luck to departing columnist

We are moving to Albuquerque. Like Peter Callaghan, I am going to be with my wife. She has arthritis and rainy day depressions and seeks a warm, sunny climate. If I could, I would prefer to stay in Tacoma.

We loved Peter’s column on “moving stuff” (TNT, 7-6). We have a three-car garage, big closets and a basement full of stuff. His North End Cape Cod should be easier to clean out.

We know Peter will do well in Minneapolis. We wish him and his wife the best of luck.



MARS HILL: Target of intolerance and hypocrisy

Let’s be very clear: I voted for same sex marriage and believe that women should not be subservient to men. Having said that, I find myself appalled by the people in our community who are working against the congregation of Mars Hill Church in their effort to raise money to repair their church roof.

If I read Peter Callaghan’s column (TNT, 7-21) correctly, no one would have unknowingly supported the fundraising event at The Hub, because it was intended for church members and supporters of the church. There was no deception or subterfuge.

When conservative churches make known their objections to

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EDUCATION: Another vote Callaghan should regret

Re: “Charter schools opponent to become a supporter?” (Peter Callaghan column, 3-28).

A word to Callaghan: Charter schools are a scam, another scheme by business to get its greedy mitts into the public treasury and destroy public education.

The only reason the charter school ballot measure barely got a majority was because the Washington Education Association and the state Democratic Party were lazy and failed to run a competent campaign. Nothing new there, of course.

Callaghan admits he voted for this terrible idea even though a large majority of his fellow Tacomans voted against it.

Well, he can just

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SONICS: Callaghan should stick to politics

I was amazed reading Peter Callaghan’s column on the possible return of the Sonics (TNT, 1-24). Why all the negative comments? True, it would heart-breaking for the diehard Sacramento Kings fan, but sadly and unfortunately this is how the big business of sports has operated for decades. (Anyone remember the Philadelphia Athletics?)

My main issue with his comments is that he makes Clay Bennett the villain. The true villain in the death of the Sonics was Howard Schultz. He had to know he was selling the team to a carpetbagger who had no intention of keeping the team here.

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POLITICS: Voters know what party vote means

Re: “No violence in state Senate, and voters likely unperturbed” (Peter Callaghan column, 1-15).

Callaghan’s column about the Senate Democrats who have thwarted the will of voters was an aberration from his usually fine work. He claims that many voters “voted for the winning (candidate) because they like him or her.”

If a person’s vote were simply for swell men and women, then kindly Democrats in Okanogan County and genial Republicans in Seattle would get elected. But that’s not the case, and Callaghan knows it.

Callaghan has spilled barrels of ink onto the pages of The News Tribune

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CALLAGHAN: CHB’s true colors revealed

Peter Callaghan’s article (TNT, 11-13) is spot on when it comes to flushing out the true colors of Citizens for a Healthy Bay with his comments about them echoing the Shoreline Master Plan positions of the Port and Chamber. If CHB were truly an environmental organization, then Sperry Ocean Dock would not have been dropping, among other items, asphalt, creosoted timbers, and rusting steel into Commencement Bay for over 20 years! It was a lone citizen who made the complaint that led to the forced clean up – not CHB as their mission statement would indicate.


CALLAGHAN: Columnist should be more positive

I am writing this letter in disgust to the horrible rantings of your columnist Peter Callaghan. Time and time again Mr. Callaghan shows total disrespect for our elected public officials.

The name-calling and putdowns remind me of a schoolyard bully. In a time where bullying is widespread in the news we have someone that is getting paid to do this same thing to our public officials. I cannot remember the last time I have seen anything positive regarding our community written in his column.

I believe if we are going to put a halt to bullying maybe we

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