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PENINSULA SCHOOLS: School buildings do make a difference

Why is this Aug. 5 election so important? Why do Peninsula Schools need funding? Does spending more money to fix, improve or better equip school buildings actually help students learn any better?

An article published in Arizona Republic (May 22, 2011) states this: “‘The evidence is clear and convincing that it does,’ says David C. Thompson, chairman of the department of educational leadership at Kansas State University.

“‘Student performance and test scores point to the emergence of an absolutely indisputable outcome that surroundings matter,’ he said. ‘School infrastructure matters.’

“Studies over the past two decades by Thompson and other researchers

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SCHOOLS: Don’t fail our kids, voters

Our education system, including Peninsula schools, is living with the pain of belts so tight they may soon cut off circulation.

State cuts to education, rising fixed costs and the languishing economy have added to the woes of our school district. In the last four years, the Peninsula superintendent and school board have cut more than $14 million; teachers, staff and administrators have taken pay cuts for this year and next.

Now it is our turn. Education is the greatest gift each of us received from our society, and it is up to us to provide the same for our

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