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PENINSULA: Support our 9,000 students and vote yes twice

During the final weekend of voting for the Peninsula School District bond and levy, I wanted to review some facts.

Through 13 public meetings, the school board listened. The companion measures on the ballot were community-driven and are widely supported by all elected leaders in Gig Harbor, conservatives and liberals alike.

The Peninsula School District spends $600 less per student than the Pierce County average, which equals $5.4 million less per year. This translates into the lowest school taxes or $439 less (32 percent) than the average.

This is about student achievement. The district already has the highest SAT scores.

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PENINSULA: Taxes too high for those on fixed incomes

Let’s put numbers on Peninsula School District’s “96 Cents makes Sense” propositions.

Since retiring in 1995, my local school assessment has more than doubled, going from $333 in 1995 to $774 in 2013. If the present levies are approved, my school assessment of $1,054 will be triple that of 1995, resulting in my property taxes surpassing one month’s retirement check, with more than a fourth of it going to local schools.

New construction is on the rise, and every new structure that is built within the district adds taxable value to undeveloped property. Where are these new local school taxes

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PENINSULA: Follow the money

Recent comments in area newspapers criticized donors to Citizens for Responsible School Spending. Yet the Yes committee’s largest donors are from businesses that will profit from contracts with Peninsula schools if the Aug. 5 ballot measures pass.

The committee’s largest donor is Olympic Resource Management, donating $5,000. It owns Harbor Hill Housing Development and will use the new school as a selling point for new homes and apartments that the district claims will overcrowd schools.

The district also bought 14 acres at $4.1 million from the same developer. In addition, large donations came from a Federal Way architectural firm and

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PENINSULA: Graduates ask voters to support schools

We are members of the Gig Harbor High Class of 2002, writing to ask our friends, family and neighbors to “Vote Yes Twice” Aug. 5 in support of our schools.

In 12 years since graduating, we have traveled the world. We’ve settled into jobs, and some of us are raising families of our own. Some of us have children who go to Peninsula School District schools. Some of us have left the area but still have strong ties to home.

Our time in the district included years of levy failures. We stayed after school to help clean the buildings when

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PENINSULA: Democracy demands educated citizens

I would really like to vote no on the upcoming Peninsula School District bond and levy issues, but I can’t.

I have a good reason to vote no. I can plead that I’m a senior citizen and on a fixed income where my taxes increase along with inflation and yet my income is stagnant.

And yet, I can’t vote no, and for a very simple reason. It is found in a quote I heard some time ago: “Freedom has no meaning unless there is responsibility.” In other words for a democracy to work, we need to have a citizenry that

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PENINSULA: 40 percent increase = 96 cents

All over Gig Harbor are signs with the dire words “40% INCREASE!” as a way of scaring voters about the impact of Peninsula School District Propositions 1 and 2.

To be fair, the signs from Citizens for Responsible School Spending only mention Prop. 2, the levy. This is because the CRSS said it would support a bond measure that kept the tax rate under $1 per $1,000 assessed value. Their members’ support apparently just means they won’t mention Prop. 1 on any of their signs.

You also see signs from the Stand up 4 Schools campaign that say “96 Cents

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ELECTION: Pass Peninsula bond, not the levy

For several months the Peninsula School Board and Citizens for Responsible School Spending met to understand each other’s positions. Gig Harbor North is growing and needs a new school. Impact fees for development won’t cover the actual impact on schools. Artondale Elementary building needs a permanent fix.

We all understand the importance of education and wish to support our schools while considering tax impacts on property owners.

The proposed levy will collect $55 million over five years, causing a 40 percent spike in school property taxes. This causes hardship for fixed-income retired and disabled people falling above property tax exempt

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PENINSULA: Passing school measures the right thing to do

I spent more than 40 years as a teacher and head of private schools, including Charles Wright Academy in University Place. My wife and I and all three of our children attended exclusively private schools and colleges. But we will vote for the Peninsula School District’s levy and bonds. Why?

• In civilized countries, adults assume responsibility for all children – not just their own. They want all children and young adults to have the education which is essential for the community’s long-term well-being. Parents can’t do it all.

• Today’s children are tomorrow’s workers and leaders. The health of

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