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ELECTION: Garth Jackson has his priorities straight

I’ve been following the race for Peninsula School Board. A lot is going back and forth, but it seems only one candidate has got his priorities straight.

Garth Jackson has focused on what’s going on in the classroom, where real education takes place. It is only in the classroom where teachers can tell what their students need and what they are ready to learn. This can’t happen with nationalized curricula, unending standardized testing or congressional dictates.

Jackson wants to support teachers in their difficult but important work by giving them latitude to meet students’ needs instead of loading them with

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ELECTION: Harbaugh is most qualified candidate

Before voting, I’d encourage everyone to take a moment to identify the primary qualifications they’d like to see in an effective school board member. Certainly relevant experience and a passion for public education are near the top of almost anyone’s list.

By my observation, Leslie Harbaugh is easily the top candidate for Peninsula School Board Distrct 4 in each of these critical areas.

After numerous leadership positions in PTA and other community organizations, she has worked hand in hand with teachers, administrators and many of the current board members in our district for more than 10 years.

As a result, she has firsthand

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ELECTION: Smith best for Peninsula board

As a longtime Gig Harbor resident with two children currently attending public schools and one child who will attend in the future, I believe Zachary Smith is the clear choice for Peninsula School Board, District 4. He is the voice our kids and our community need and will bring an important perspective to our school district governance process.

Smith has a strong commitment to public education because he’s fully invested: all five of his kids are attending or will attend Peninsula schools. As a local businessman and Navy Reserve officer, he also has a demonstrated capacity for leadership and a remarkable ability to work well with

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ELECTION: Zachary Smith for Peninsula school board

I’m writing to support Zachary Smith for Peninsula School Board, Position 4. Smith has incredible experience, including leadership in the business world, the military and the community, and brings important new perspectives to a system in need of change.

Smith has a history of volunteer service, including 10 years with Boy Scouts of America. He also volunteers with his children’s schools and his church. Additionally, he is a fourth-generation Washingtonian, a local homeowner and a father of five children who will attend public schools in our district.

I mention this because a supporter of one of Smith’s opponents suggested in a letter that his

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ELECTION: Harbaugh best school board choice

Our best choice of candidate to fill the recently vacated position on the Peninsula School District’s board of directors is clearly Leslie Harbaugh. I watched her in action during the district’s levy campaigns. No one was more knowledgeable of the issues involved nor more tenacious in encouraging voters to support our schools.

Despite the levy/bond failure, because many constituents failed to vote, Harbaugh never wavered in her dedication to fight the good fight for our kids.

She stimulates positive approaches to the issues and is not one to complain about the problem but rather one who seeks answers beneficial to

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ELECTION: School board candidate unfairly attacked

Leslie Harbaugh, candidate for Peninsula School District board, volunteered to assist in passing a bond issue to help fund schools. She didn’t fashion the form the bonds took, which was a compromise between the school board and bond opponents.

Now the opponents want to blame Harbaugh for what they helped create, an election that was confusing and hard to explain. She has worked tirelessly for the good of the Peninsula School District and taxpayers alike.

Residents of the Peninsula School District should thank the people who volunteer to make the schools function, not harangue and attack them.


ELECTION: Harbaugh has traits board needs

Here are attributes I believe a successful Peninsula School District board member should have:

• A focus on serving every child of the district. Leslie Harbaugh has demonstrated this in spades as she has volunteered hundreds of hours in countless forms in the district.

• Represent the entire community, be aware of and honor divergent views. I have witnessed Harbaugh make tremendous efforts to reach out to those who have concerns about the district policies and campaigns in hopes to understand their concerns and address them.

• Be a responsible group member committed to productivity as a whole. In meetings I have attended,

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ELECTION: Candidate forum proved to be revealing

At a recent school board candidate forum, I expected to hear candidates share why they believe they are the best candidate and how they would bring positive mindsets to benefit students of the Peninsula School District. Instead, I left questioning the true intentions of some candidates and feeling even more confident in my choice of Leslie Harbaugh for school board.

I am impressed with Harbaugh’s depth of knowledge regarding PSD. School board members should have experience volunteering in the schools in which they serve. Harbaugh has years of experience volunteering in this manner and has developed critical relationships throughout the

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