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PEACE: A prayer for peace and equality in the community

This is a message for all those in power and also to peace-loving Americans everywhere.

I am a Palestinian, Muslim man, born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel. I have lived in Federal Way with my family since the early 1980s. It was much too dangerous for us to remain in our homeland, as you all may know. Our freedom to move around and earn a living for our children was very limited, so I made the decision to relocate.

As Muslims, we are taught to make peace, not war. We are not terrorists as we are many times called. Every

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NUKES: ‘Big stick’ just increasing tension

Re: “We’re safer carrying a big stick” (letter, 12-31).

Miraculously, and perhaps in answer to many of our prayers, North Korea has called for peace, acknowledging that war on the Korean Peninsula would “bring nothing but a nuclear holocaust” (TNT, 1-1). South Korea’s president sent a similar New Year’s message.

Perhaps this can be an example to all combatants and political leaders to consider the consequences of hostilities to the people on both sides. Is this too much to hope for?

Carrying bigger sticks (meaning nuclear power) will not result in more safety. Instead, nuclear buildup has resulted in increased

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