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ELECTION: What’s Romney got against Big Bird?

Does Mitt Romney really want to cut Big Bird on PBS or cut programs like those hosted by Bill Moyers that expose the abuses of the rich and powerful?

Last Sunday, Christina Freeland, author of “Plutocrats: the Rise of the New Global Super Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else,” was a guest on Moyers’ show. She reminded us that the big banks in Canada wanted fewer restrictions and more consolidation like what took place in the United States. But the Canadian government said no, which saved their banks from the crash that happened in the United States.

As an

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ELECTION: Liberal media giving Obama a pass

Consider this scenario: John McCain, a Republican, was elected president in 2008. After nearly four years he presided over a sluggish economy, added $6 trillion in new debt, the national debt is now $16.4 trillion and growing, spending is out of control, the number of food stamp recipients has doubled to more than 43 million people, our economy is heading for a fiscal cliff, job growth in anemic at best, unemployment is more than 8 percent and our foreign policy is in shambles.

Sound familiar?

If this were the case for McCain, the mainstream media would tear him to shreds

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