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TAXES: Writer failed to explain U.S. IOUs

Re: “New political buzzwords only serve to obscure the same old problems” (TNT, 1-1).

I suppose we’re all expected to feel grateful that Bloomberg View columnist Amity Shlaes has put down her dog-eared copy of “Atlas Shrugged” and reached for her dictionary to tell us what’s up. Nice try, Amity.

And, since she accuses us all of being naive enough to believe the distorted, standard political story, it seems fair to wonder if she doesn’t have her own shortcomings here.

For example, she lets us know that payroll taxes aren’t really taxes at all, but pension payments into an insurance

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PAYROLL TAX: Reality strikes Joe Sixpack

So, thanks to the payroll tax fiasco, the Republican Party may finally have overplayed its hand with its working-class supporters?

Joe Sixpacks all over the country slap their foreheads: “Wait! The party that would rather see me die from lack of affordable medical care than raise taxes on billionaires might not be on my side after all?”


PAYROLL TAX: Shameful lack of leadership

The payroll tax measure is safe for the next two months, and President Obama proclaimed on national TV that the average American worker will receive an additional $40 a month in their pay check because of the passage of this legislation.

This is good news for workers but speaks poorly for the members of Congress. Congress has had almost two years to pass or change the tax measure but has waited until the last minute to extend it for two months. This is a shameful performance by our congressional members from both sides of the aisle.

More shameful is that

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PAYROLL TAX: Throw out all the bums

The recent exercise in futility conducted by our Congress is shameful, to say the least. To put forth a two-month, or even a 12-month extension of the the so-called payroll tax (for Democrats, FICA is not a tax, but an investment in our future) while the Social Security “fund” is in the liability column, is outrageous.

Granted this measure has much greater political than actual benefit. If anyone with a brain were to analyze the results of this proposal, they would see how utterly idiotic it is.

To incur even greater debt while not really providing a meaningful savings to

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TAXES: Payroll tax cut doesn’t make sense

Reducing the payroll tax that goes to the Social Security Trust Fund doesn’t make sense, because the trust fund will have to go back to the general fund and cash in some of its $2.5 trillion in bonds – money borrowed from the trust funds – to have enough to pay recipients.

The general fund will have to raise taxes or reduce deductions to get enough money to pay off the bonds. What we really need to do is raise income taxes for everybody to have enough money to operate.


TAXES: Difference between payroll, income tax

Re: “Taxes: GOP wants to raise workers’ taxes” (letter, 8-25).

I believe many Democrats would agree with the writer concerning taxes. However, they fail to make a distinction between federal income taxes and Social Security taxes. Republicans do not want to raise federal income taxes. They do, however, want to do away with the payroll tax break that President Obama put into place. There is a huge difference.

Prior to the recent vote to raise the debt ceiling, Obama stated that he wasn’t sure that Social Security checks would go out without the debt ceiling being raised. If that was

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TAXES: GOP wants to raise workers’ taxes

Re: “GOP opposes Obama’s plan to cut taxes” (TNT, 8-22).

When the time came for the Bush tax breaks for the wealthiest two percent of Americans to end, the Republicans fought tooth and claw to extend them. Now the time has come for an Obama tax break to end and Republicans are fighting fiercely – to end the tax break.

Only days ago, Republicans were saying that ending a tax break was the same as raising taxes. Now the Republicans are saying that extending tax breaks will push the deficit higher.

So the Republicans were lying when they said they

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