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GUNS: Paul Wagemann is no foe of 2nd Amendment

I received a desperate mailer attacking Paul Wagemann, stating he has extreme positions on guns. I have known Paul for 17 years, attending the same church, and enjoying many hunting and camping trips together. We are close friends, and I know him very well. I want to set the record straight.

He supports the 2nd Amendment, gun safety and especially the safety of our children. Paul supports the current federal and state laws requiring persons engaged in the business of selling firearms to be licensed as a dealer. Gun dealers, by law, are subject to a thorough background check.


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ELECTION: Wagemann hit by smear campaign

We have been made aware of a desperate mailer, intended to smear Paul Wagemann, by insinuating that he exhibited financial mismanagement in the development of The Commencement project in Ruston.

We would like to set the record straight: He is acting responsibly and diligently to ensure that all subcontractors and suppliers are paid. Despite today’s catastrophic climate in the construction and commercial-banking industries, Wagemann is determined to complete this project.

Those of us who work in the construction industry know all too well the devastation caused by the commercial-lending crisis and poor economic conditions. Federal dollars are not getting out

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TACOMA: Why only half a candidate forum?

As a 1984 charter member of Tacoma City Club, I joined a community involved in thorough, thoughtful white paper studies and informative dialogues as well as inclusive candidate forums. No longer. No more.

City Club held its Oct. 6 dinner “debate” with only two judicial candidates. Citing “time constraints,” City Club leaders have decided to “pick and choose” only half of the 27th and 28th District candidates for their upcoming Oct. 20 lunch presentation.

Longtime incumbents Jeannie Darnielle and Tami Green received no invitation to defend their records, while first-time challengers Jon Higley and Paul Wagemann were also not invited

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ELECTION: Wurts mislabled by worried opponent

After reading (TNT, 8-9) that 28th Legislative Distric candidate Brian Wurts was labeled “a union guy,” which “stands for everything we Republicans are against” by opponent Paul Wagemann, I’m compelled to correct this unfair label.

The Lakewood Police Independent Guild is not a union; it’s a guild. It’s a body of police officers who represent themselves, not a labor union like the Teamsters.

Calling Wurts “a union guy” and against the Republican Party is unfair, inaccurate and negative campaigning. Under Wurts’ leadership, our guild has foregone raises the last two contracts due to the economic climate. “A union guy” would

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ELECTION: Wagemann the better candidate

I was disappointed to read that you chose to endorse Brian Wurts over Paul Wagemann as nominee for state legislator in the 28th district. My brief association with Paul gives me the assurance that he has all of the qualifications we would identify with a man of character: his impeccable value judgments as evidenced by his long record of service and leadership, both as a U.S. Marine fighter pilot and officer as well as a community activist.

What’s most appealing to me is the fact that he has foresworn any support from Lakewood’s casino crowd. It is so reassuring

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ELECTION: Wagemann will support fiscal sanity

There are two candidates in the House Position 2 race from the 28th District who are running against the higher-taxes, big-spending, grow-government incumbent. Either would be a better choice to represent us voters who want the economy to grow and produce private industry jobs, to reduce government giveaways, and to return us to the day when we could trust lawmakers and bureaucrats to act in our best interest, not their own.

I suggest voters support Paul Wagemann for that office. He has impeccable ethics and morals, has superior intellect, has a history of giving to the community, has citizens’ interests

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ELECTION: Wagemann supported in the 28th

My wife, Bobby, and I are supporting Paul Wagemann for the 28th Legislative District.

Wagemann brings to this race a background in business, education, leadership and community service. He is a known entity from his service on the Clover Park School Board and as evidenced by his military service record. You don’t fly fighter aircraft if you are a dummy, and you don’t become a flight officer without leadership skills.

We believe Wagemann has much to offer voters of our district. Maybe most important is his attitude that places public service at the will of the citizens, not the other

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