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POLITICS: Many elections just beauty contests

It finally happened: Paul Krugman actually wrote an opinion piece (TNT, 4-16) with which I agree. He very succinctly points out that there should be no difficulty for voters to decide which political party they will support, as they are so different in their basic philosophy of government and how it should affect our lives.

I have said for years that the proudly proclaimed “independents” are either totally apolitical, believing all politicians are the same, or are totally clueless and spend too much time watching MTV instead of the news or reading this fine daily.

Many of our elections shake

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KRUGMAN: Keynesians should practice what they preach.

Re: “The Piketty panic” (Paul Krugman column, 4-27).

Are there any more self-important groups than those occupying the ivory towers of academia? And Ivy League economics professors are the worst of the lot. Krugman is a particularly great example of an egotistical academic.

Krugman, like all of the Keynesians, thinks that government-enforced wealth redistribution is the key to economic nirvana, but I don’t see them offering up their wealth to the Gods of Big Government. In fact, an Internet search for “Paul Krugman’s house” yields a nice bird’s eye view of Krugman’s digs near Princeton University. As it turns

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INEQUALITY: Obama and Krugman point the way

One letter writer suggests (TNT, 3-17) that Paul Krugman and Barack Obama have been wrong all the time about income inequality. Another writer notes that income inequality isn’t the problem, poverty is.

I totally agree that poverty is the problem. That is today’s measure of income inequality. Since 2008, 95 percent of all income improvement has happened to the 1 percent of this nation who are wealthy. This redistribution toward the top does not work because the remaining people don’t have enough money left to buy things and contribute positively to the economy. That is Krugman’s point.

Krugman and

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ECONOMY: Liberals’ experiments don’t work

Re: “Reducing income inequality likely to spur growth” (Paul Krugman column, 3-12).

Krugman has been consistently wrong about everything. It is unfortunate that the professor is charging parents so much money at Princeton to teach their children rubbish. I wonder if he takes points from his A students and gives them to his Cs.

Krugman, Barack Obama and the rest of the lefties have tried their silly little redistributive ideas for almost six years. They have fostered an economic growth rate that is about half of what it should be. This subpar growth has kept millions of willing workers

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OBAMACARE: Leftists in panic mode over CBO report

Paul Krugman’s column (TNT, 2-13) and the accompanying cartoon are simply dishonest rewrites of the Obama White House’s far-left talking points and are trying to salvage Obamacare after a devastating CBO report that determined that Obamacare would result in more lost jobs that had previously been thought.

Krugman writes, “It has always been clear that health reform will induce some Americans to work less.” Unfortunately, it can’t be both ways. Obama and most other leftists disputed the original CBO report and claimed that Obamacare would be good for the economy and jobs.

The cartoon with the Krugman column mocked

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DEFICIT: Krugman being dishonest about problem

Re: “We’re cheating our children, but it’s not about the deficit” (Paul Krugman column,3-31).

Krugman dismisses concern of a national debt growing at about $4 billion per day by proclaiming there is no problem.

I understand that our deficit of about 10 percent of our annual gross domestic product is at a dangerous level. We owe money to China. Furthermore Krugman proposes more government spending (with inevitable taxation), which hurts the economy and jobs.

Krugman is being disingenuous if not dishonest.


DEFICIT: Krugman oblivious to debt’s dangers

Paul Krugman’s column (TNT, 3-14) about government spending and deficits is ripe with questionable assertions.

Krugman tosses numbers around and goes into great detail about yearly deficits, yet he hardly even mentions the danger posed by the national debt. Without naming names, he coyly attempts to denigrate conservative fiscal hawks by calling them “fearmongers” who want to dismantle Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

To bolster his arguments, he references Kenysian economic theory, yet he fails to acknowledge that without capitalism he would be as poor as those individuals who actually do need government assistance.

I can’t help but wonder

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ELECTION: Krugman only offers scare tactics

In his most recent column (TNT, 8-26), 2008 economics Nobel laureate Paul Krugman professes to know exactly what a Republican win in November, based on the novel “Atlas Shrugged” and Paul Ryan, will mean for this country.

Considering Krugman’s understanding of econometrics and foreign trade, it should not have been necessary for him to rely on gloom-and-doom scare tactics. It is apparent that his intent is not to educate but to frighten the voter into a panic state.

At this time in our history, we do not need another version of the “Halloween” movies. What we need are thoughtful

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