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ELECTION: Questions about Initiative 594

Voters should see through Initiative 594 and the money behind it.

The argument is that if background checks are mandatory on all sales of firearms, they won’t fall into the wrong hands. Are you kidding me? Law-abiding citizens who purchase firearms are the only ones who will be affected – adversely.

A Sept. 19 CBS report states that “the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence ranked Massachusetts the third most restrictive state for firearm legislation in 2011. After Massachusetts passed a tough law restricting gun use in 1998, gun ownership rates dropped sharply, but violent crimes and murders increased.”


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I-1240: Vote against corporatizing our schools

Last year we had the Occupy Wall Street movement of thousands in the 99 percent to take back our country. The top 1 percent are fighting back – to take away our public schools with Initiative 1240 to bring undemocratic charter schools to Washington state.

Why are the rich trying to take over public schools with our own tax dollars?

It’s not just Bill Gates and Paul Allen who have given millions to fund this pro-charter school initiative. The Walmart barons have “invested” $1.7 million to get you to vote for charter schools paid for by taxpayers – and they

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