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COUNTY: Proposed building an ill-conceived misadventure

Re: “Pierce County general service building can’t be saved” (Matt Driscoll column, 5-28).

If only we common folk were as enlightened as Driscoll and our county potentate and executive, Pat McCarthy. If so, we taxpayers would see the grand plan and future for our county if only we would go along with plans to build the glass and plastic square box on the hill known as “the general service building.”

Why would we be against it, for heavens sake? Originally at a cost of $60 million, or was it $90? Jumping to $130 million. Now it is a “$230

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COUNTY: McCarthy should show some humility, gratitude

Pat McCarthy’s claim that the four council members that voted to dismiss the lawsuit against Jerry Gibbs was due to “political pressure” is appalling. For a politician to claim that the people should not be heard because they assembled peacefully in protest is not only wrong but arrogant.

We elect our government officials to represent us. The Pierce County Council’s decision to drop the lawsuit against a private citizen was an exercise in that principal. The people spoke, and the majority of the council understood that they needed to abide by their constituents’ demands.

The rally held at the County-City

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TRAFFIC: County remiss in installing sidewalks

Re: “Woman killed in hit-and-run identified” (TNT, 1-8).

It was bound to happen. My heart goes out to Rebecca Marteny, her family and the other adults in the assisted living home where she lived.

I lived in Parkland and personally spent more than 20 years trying to get someone in the county to listen to me about the need for sidewalks on Golden Given Road. I discussed this very issue with Pat McCarthy when she first ran for office. I spoke at a town hall meeting with Pierce County Councilwoman Barbara Gelman. I spoke with current Councilman Rick Talbot about this

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PRAYER: We the people won, Tacoma mayor lost

Thanks for covering the Pierce County Prayer Breakfast. Initially it felt like, “Oh, no, we’re going to embarrass the chief justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama because the Tacoma mayor is refusing to attend our annual prayer breakfast.” Thankfully the Pierce County executive, Pat McCarthy, and more than 1,400 citizens were wise enough to attend.

McCarthy’s comment that “they occasionally invite provocative speakers to this event” was an excellent observation and a defusing statement.

Prayer breakfast emcee Maurie Laufer met the absent mayor issue head-on with his opening remarks. I wish the mayor would meet with the Greater Tacoma Christian

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PRAYER: Pat McCarthy right to attend event

I was heartened to see our Pierce County executive, Pat McCarthy, take a forthright stand in favor of civil discourse, tolerance of controversy and, as she said in welcoming the crowd attending Friday’s Pierce County Prayer Breakfast, “celebrating the power of prayer” (TNT, 5-3).

Her remarks were squarely in the great tradition of tolerance for all faiths that is the hallmark of our civic life together. This stands in stark contrast to the remarks of several Tacoma City Council members who, along with a few other finger-wagging scolds, suggested that attendance at a long-established community event implies endorsement of

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POT: County Council should override veto

  1. Re: Marijuana sales in Pierce County.

County Councilman Doug Richardson was the lone Republican to vote against Ordinance 111, which prohibits licensed marijuana businesses from operating and was vetoed by County Executive Pat McCarthy (TNT, 11-26). One of his reasonings was that the state Legislature will take up the issue of medical marijuana in its January session.

We all know that the Legislature is known for running issues through that have not been popular of wanted by a majority of Washingtonians. Out-of-state money and influence were largely responsible for the passage of

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JAIL: Officials wrong to fear competition

Re: “Race to the bottom” (TNT, 11-11).

Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy said, “It’s a very disconcerting thing about jail services – this kind of shopping around, best deal. You get into this bidding war. And I just think that’s wrong.”

What I think is wrong is that those in charge of spending taxpayers’ dollars view competition as disconcerting. Perhaps those jails with high operating costs should do what the rest of us in business do: look for ways to drive cost out and be competitive.

Who authorized the construction of the Pierce County Jail? Sounds like little analysis

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COUNTY: No good reason for McCarthy’s trip to Paris

Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy’s trip the Paris airshow (TNT, 6-20) is nothing but a veiled attempt to hide a highly pleasurable and personal travel trip under the auspices of official county government travel.

I can see no reason why the county executive needs to go Paris in order to try to woo some jobs in the airline industry for Pierce County. All she had to do was trek 30 miles north to do this. Even a trip to Boeing corporate headquarters in Chicago would have been palatable, but to Paris?

When I was in civil service and we

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