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UPLACE: City playing shell game

The University Place City Council seems to be playing a shell game with its citizens.

The Council asked for voter approval of a utility tax increase to fund police services while planning to “shift” current police funds to the parks if the measure passed. Since the utility tax was not approved by the voters, the Council is considering a junior taxing district to fund parks.

Sounds like a shifty Council to me.


SMOKING: Ban would serve the greater good in Lakewood

Re: “Lakewood backs off ban on tobacco in parks” (TNT, 1-19).

A fundamental reason to have a city council is to serve the greater good for the community, in this case the people of Lakewood. If you agree with that, you would probably agree that having our parks smoke-free serves the greater good.

The fact that the Lakewood City Council has hinted that it might not pass a proposed ban is embarrassing. And that’s after the city’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Board unanimously recommended a ban on tobacco products on park property.

Similar bans were passed years ago in

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SMOKING: Tobacco-free parks make sense

Re: “Lakewood backs off ban on tobacco in parks” (TNT, 1-19).

On behalf of the Tobacco-Free Alliance of Pierce County (TAP), I support the Lakewood Parks and Recreation Advisory Board’s unanimous recommendation to make the city’s parks tobacco-free.

Tobacco use is a leading cause of preventable death and disease in the nation, in Washington state and in Pierce County. Our parks should be healthy and safe places for families to gather and for kids and adults to be physically active.

Parks currently regulate the use of alcohol and require owners to clean up after their pets. Eliminating tobacco use

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TACOMA: Waterfront flowers cut from budget

I am a daily runner and find myself on the waterfront 4-5 days a week, and have for many years. I have always loved the natural beauty and view along the esplanade that runs the four miles along Ruston Way. It is a unique slice of the area we inhabit, and is beautiful year round.

During the spring and summer it comes alive with hanging baskets of beautiful annuals, and in some areas, gardens of shade annuals, begonias and impatiens. Well, that was until 2013.

I noticed on my run this morning that no baskets are up yet, so I

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PARKS: State funding vital for improvements

The biking trail in Swan Creek Park (TNT, 5-3) is off to a great start, but future trails and other improvements to the park hang in the balance of budget negotiations in the state Legislature.

Metro Parks Tacoma has applied for a Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program grant that would increase park access, expand existing trail networks, provide amenities that would attract new visitors and expand the community garden program. We thank Gov. Jay Inslee for recommending $75 million for the WWRP grant program, funding Swan Creek Park. Unfortunately, the House and Senate budgets fall short of this level.

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PUYALLUP: City parks now on the right path

Now that the Puyallup Parks Department saga seems to be complete, I would like to take the time to thank those involved who contributed to its positive outcome.

Puyallup now has two major assets on its hands thanks to this process: a thorough, transparent study of the Parks and Recreation Department done by city staff and a strong, knowledgeable parks director in Sarah Harris.

This process that was undertaken was not easy. Rumors about the demise of the department and city parks only increased its difficulty. That is why I would like to thank City Manager Bill McDonald for undertaking

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PUYALLUP: Public being misled on parks review

The current flood of emails regarding exploration of Puyallup Parks and Recreation indicate the public is being misled. There is no plan or intent by the city manager or City Council to close or dismantle either.

City Manager Bill McDonald’s job is to review the finance and structure of all city departments. The parks department, being an expensive department, was reviewed and recommendations made. The recommendations do not include closing all of the sports programs or recreation center. Changes in staffing, user fees, volume of use and duplicated programs are all being examined.

All of this should have been done

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PUYALLUP: Heed the public on parks

Re: “Puyallup leaders bristle over parks ‘hysteria’” (TNT, 2-20).

Puyallup leaders’ response in regard to the parks study reveals a disdain that has overshadowed this process from the onset. City Manager Bill McDonald’s appointed team of six have conducted their analysis without transparency and input from the public or the Parks, Recreation and Senior Advisory Board.

This closed process is emblematic of someone who started with a conclusion and seeks the information with which to support his findings and doesn’t intend to brook any interference. McDonald fired the parks and recreation director, divided the parks division from the recreation

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