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TRAFFIC: County remiss in installing sidewalks

Re: “Woman killed in hit-and-run identified” (TNT, 1-8).

It was bound to happen. My heart goes out to Rebecca Marteny, her family and the other adults in the assisted living home where she lived.

I lived in Parkland and personally spent more than 20 years trying to get someone in the county to listen to me about the need for sidewalks on Golden Given Road. I discussed this very issue with Pat McCarthy when she first ran for office. I spoke at a town hall meeting with Pierce County Councilwoman Barbara Gelman. I spoke with current Councilman Rick Talbot about this

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FIREWORKS: We endure a season of explosions

RE: “Worst noise caused by all the whining” (letter, 7-6).

Thank you to the irritable individuals objecting to those “having fun” every Fourth of July. The rest of us, who quietly lament the weeks of illegal fireworks being set off day and night, need to speak out.

Independence Day is on July 4. In Parkland, the explosions begin in mid-June and continue throughout the summer. It is unreasonable to suggest those with animals or anyone who does not enjoy earsplitting booms or potential fire put in earplugs or go to Canada for an extended period of time.

Enjoy the

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PASTOR: Sad excuse for a news headline

Re: “Pastor of megachurch, online investor linked to porn-site domains” (TNT, 2-17).

I am saddened and appalled by the article on the front page. It was a slanderous article attacking a local pastor, William Wolfson.

The article contained little or no reason for the attack. There was no content on the sites and no proof of wrongdoing on the pastor’s part. However, your establishment felt the need to run this slanderous attack on a beloved member of our community on a Sunday. What were you hoping to achieve?

I believe that the paper owes an apology to the members of

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PASTOR: What’s the point of slanderous article?

Re: “Pastor of megachurch, online investor linked to porn-site domains” (TNT, 2-17).

I was shocked to read the article regarding Pastor William Wolfson. I am not a member of the Parkland congregation, nor am I familiar with Wolfson. However, I was surprised that such a blurry connection between the pastor and the alleged “porn sites” which, according to the article, contain no content, is considered newsworthy.

It seems to me that before an article like this one is published, which essentially slanders a man, that more care is taken. What exactly is the point here? In the large scheme

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ACCIDENT: Cross Pacific Ave. at your own peril

Re: “3 taken to hospital after car hits them” (TNT, 10-9).

The article relates how three people were seriously hurt when they were hit by a car while crossing Pacific Avenue near 134th Street in the Parkland area. They were not jaywalkers; they were in a crosswalk.

When the state redid Pacific Avenue some years ago, I noticed that the closer the crosswalks were to Pacific Lutheran University, the safer they were – such as having flashing lights and crossing signals to ensure pedestrian safety.

What is it going to take to put that technology to work further south

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PARKLAND: Nose’s snotty remark was a low blow

As a Pacific Lutheran University alum and employee, I was both proud and ashamed of the story in The Nose (TNT, 12-2) about Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland’s controversial comments while on PLU’s campus.

I was proud of the PLU student who did not let such an inflammatory remark be brushed under the carpet. But I was ashamed that The News Tribune took this story as another opportunity to hate on Parkland.

The first line of The Nose read, “We always knew a trip to Parkland could be dangerous, but not like this.” With that lead-in and a million guesses

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MILITARY: Where’s the compassion?

My boyfriend is deployed to Afghanistan, and I finally got some extra cash scraped together to send him a care package. Traffic was exceptionally bad on every road in Pierce County trying to get to the post office in Parkland, but I did manage to make it there with more than five minutes to spare.

Unfortunately, the post office had decided to close early. The outside doors were not yet locked so I wandered in but was turned away by a woman saying that they were closing for the day. I explained that the package was going to Afghanistan and

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