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TACOMA: City needs better parking meter signage

I liked the letter written by a store owner explaining how considerate a meter reader was to one of her customers (TNT, 3-24). Unfortunately, I had no such luck Friday evening when I forgot we were in paid-parking territory when we dined at Over the Moon.

I saw the sign “Parking” and was delighted as I was able to park close to the alley, get out Mom’s walker and walk her down to the restaurant.

I do get downtown, and have even used a meter, but mainly I’m in private parking areas. I forgot all about the meters – mea

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TACOMA: Paid parking drove group away

About six or seven years ago, I joined a nonprofit organization in Tacoma. I now belong to two. One of those groups had a regular meeting at a coffee shop on Broadway. It’s a great place to meet and greet friends.

We no longer meet in Tacoma because the city now charges for on-street parking on Broadway. Our members were getting ticketed.

Tacoma is a great town, but its elected officials have made the same mistakes governments all over the U.S. are making. Politics is about too many people wanting a piece of the pie. I miss my Saturdays at

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TACOMA: Downtown won’t die; it will be killed by the city

Downtown Tacoma was once a thriving place. Then the mall was built and wounded it. It started came back to life again in the last few years, with a convention center we will never really see a return on, and a great University of Washington branch campus that has come to completely dominate the entire area.

Now the city is charging people to park downtown and actively looking for other ways to extract more money from us. You can’t just stop in at a store for something quick, as you have to spend five minutes to find a machine and

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TACOMA: Even parking can be green

Re: “Lost Russell, got parking” (TNT, 5-12).

Wouldn’t it be great if the grant the City of Tacoma received to keep Russell Investments happy could be used to create a “green” parking lot that included permeable surfaces, bike racks, plantings to promote shade, and things like drinking fountains and benches?

This interim solution using local designers and contractors could be great. Even a parking lot can be used to lesson our carbon footprint, especially if it promotes carpooling and biking.

Going Green, even temporarily is never a bad solution. Let’s make this a community project rather than a problem.