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TACOMA: City overly aggressive with ticketing

As a downtown business owner, it is difficult enough running a business in this economy without having the City of Tacoma’s overly aggressive parking enforcement frustrating visitors with parking tickets for not turning their wheels to the curb.

Please, instead of fining people, the city should just leave a friendly notice. We should be encouraging people to visit downtown Tacoma, but the aggressive ticketing is not helping.

(Alexander is owner of Amocat Cafe.)


TACOMA: Pay the minimum, avoid a ticket

Re: “Meter vultures are too eager to ticket” (letter, 6-4).

The writer rails against parking enforcement, saying tickets are issued again and again for people who only pull in for a minute or two.

How does he know? My guess is that he has personal experience with this.

And do these parking enforcement people really have a “we’ll show them” attitude? Again, how does he know?

Parking at Tacoma meters is so inexpensive. If you need a spot, even for a minute, pay for it. How do enforcement officers know you’re only there for a minute of two? Are

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