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LEGISLATURE: Calamity Pam is back in the saddle

Thank you for your article (TNT, 1-13) about state Senate Democrats, Republicans and, in particular, GOP Sen. Pam Roach. It supports what I have believed for years: Many of our elected officials are in Olympia simply to get even with the other side, whatever that might entail.

Working for the citizens of the state is just a sideline to the job that doesn’t deserve much of their time. The most important thing is getting even with the opponent for some perceived transgression.

The News Tribune obviously dislikes Roach as much as I do, but using the term “pariah” in the

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VOTING: Early deadline for ballots unnecessary

State Sen. Pam Roach’s bill requiring ballots to be received by 8 p.m. Election Day (TNT, 1-30) must be rejected. There is absolutely no compelling reason for that requirement. It would effectively disenfranchise many voters.

The U.S. Postal Service has considered closing mail-processing centers, leaving two centers open in Washington: in Seattle and Spokane. Those closures will effectively eliminate overnight mail service. The USPS has also proposed ending Saturday mail service.

Those proposed actions by the USPS will require voters to mail their ballots at least four days prior to any election. Much can happen during the four days

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ELECTION: Gunn’s a candidate of integrity for the 31st

Voters in the 31st Legislative District now have an excellent choice for the state Senate seat.

When the top-two primary left us with two intolerable choices, Pam Roach and Matt Richardson, I considered not voting. But voting is very important to me. I know that the people we elect can affect every day of our lives.

Brian L. Gunn has solved my dilemma by stepping forward as a write-in candidate. I know him, and his integrity and dedication are outstanding. He works hard for what is right, with the Clean Elections organization to try to level the playing field, for

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ELECTION: Disappointing campaign in 31st district

All this media coverage, due to the unsavory election strategy of both Pam Roach and Matt Richardson, has diverted the attention for any real discussion and debate on what the candidates will do to represent us.

The unauthorized Matt Richarson website Chris Clifford created and promotes – and obviously Pam Roach – get in the way of real debate to earn each vote for the November election. Clifford’s ex-wife denounced in the paper the content of Clifford’s website smear of Richardson. The ongoing saga reported in all news media further adds confusion as to what is truth and what

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ELECTION: Matt Richardson being defamed

The verbal attack on Matt Richardson at my front door over the weekend by Pam Roach really has me upset. I hope voters in the 31st district are smart enough to see through the lies.

Richardson has no criminal record. He has a security clearance from the Department of Defense, which involves an extensive FBI background check, and he’s a teacher in good standing.

It appears that Roach is desperately seeking to defame Richardson and make him into something he’s not.