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MIDDLE EAST: Retaliation doesn’t work

The Middle East is destroying itself through the old law of retaliation. The Romans called it lex talionis. The Hebrews called it “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” It doesn’t work.

Through this outmoded law, my enemy and I descend into each other’s lie. Israeli and Palestinian, Sunni and Shi’a, spiral in a dance of never-ending violence, based on the delusion that one’s act of revenge is a form of “justice,” while the enemy’s is a crime.

But a Palestinian Jew named Issa once offered a new law. He said, “You have heard, an eye for

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ISRAEL: Divesting is a nonviolent way to protest

Re: “Presbyterians’ effort against Israel is misguided” (TNT, 6-26).

Every time “good Christian” people, congressional delegations and impartial fact finders go to Palestine/Israel to gain an understanding, they fly El-Al; they stay at the King David (or another Israeli-owned) Hotel; and they are fed information, views and impressions from the pro-Zionist, anti-Palestinian perspective.

I know: On my first trip, that is exactly what happened.

They are discouraged from visiting with, purchasing from or even looking at the Palestinians, as to do so would “support terrorism.” Thus their impression of Israeli Jews is of a God-fearing, humanitarian people being attacked

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MIDDLE EAST: What Netanyahu could do

The Israeli Cabinet announces it will not negotiate with a Palestinian government which includes Hamas (TNT, 4-25), which it calls a “terrorist organization.”

What was the Israelis thinking, not many years ago, when they supported and funded Hamas as a rival to the Palestinian Liberation Organization? Israelis know that their own Jewish terrorist groups were essential in the establishment of Israel and that their leaders became hallowed heroes. Two of them, Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, became prime ministers.

Hurling epithets will accomplish nothing. Israel now has what it has long desired: “someone to talk to” in a unified Palestinian

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ISRAEL: Americans need to learn the truth

I read with disgust the Jerusalem Post editorial (Off the wire, 4-19) regarding the Israeli government so-called “providing basic democratic rights” even to those “openly opposed to Israel.”

Are you kidding? This is simply and emphatically not true. Having just returned from Israel on a trip to specifically explore the Palestinian territories, I can tell your readers we need to wake up and begin to examine the truth of what is actually going on in the land some call holy.

The truth is the Israeli government and its policy of allowing for and even encouraging Jewish settlements is simply

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TERROR: No mystery to Boston bombings

The motivation of the Boston bombers is no mystery. Hundreds of millions of Muslims embrace jihad to rule the world. We are their main enemy, with troops in many Muslim countries, the latest Jordan, so we could intervene in yet another Muslim country, Syria. Our drones kill innocent Muslims, and we make it possible for Israel to rule millions of Palestinians.

What we are doing has failed, so let’s pull out of Muslim countries, stop bombing, control immigration for our safety and condition aid to Israel on a Palestinian state.


MIDEAST: Get US troops out of Islamic countries

Many of the talking heads on conservative media outlets are fond of saying that Muslim terrorists “hate our freedom.” There probably are many devout Muslims who disapprove of Western morality when it comes to our permissive society, but Muslim terrorists have a different reason: They are tired of our meddling in their countries’ affairs.

Take Iran, for example. Back in the 1950s, our CIA and British intelligence overthrew a democratically elected prime minister and installed a monarch, the shah, in his place. The shah was a tyrant, and he was eventually overthrown in 1979 by a Muslim religious zealot. Iranians

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ISRAEL: US making a bad situation worse

After the oppression the Jews experienced in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s, one would expect that they would do anything to avoid acting the same way to others. But apparently their memories are short. The oppressed have become the oppressors in just one generation’s time.

Israel uses security to justify its actions, but it has brought Israelis more uncertainty, fear and insecurity. They claim to have no viable partner for negotiations, but who can discuss solutions with people who don’t follow United Nations resolutions?

Instead of exacerbating the plight of the Palestinians and wondering why they don’t cooperate, why

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ISRAEL: Policies do qualify as apartheid

Re: “Nation held to a different standard” (letter, 1-4).

When in Israel/Palestine in 2010, I took a video of graffiti on what Israelis call the Separation Wall and what Palestinians call the Apartheid Wall. The “graffiti” is a letter to the Palestinian people from a South African theologian, comparing the South African and Palestinian experience. (See “Esack letter” on YouTube)

As a American Jew, it was really difficult to see institutions in Israel that most Americans would consider apartheid: Jewish-only roads, Jewish-only buses, Israeli settlers walking around openly carrying guns in the West Bank (illegal for Palestinians), ID cards

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