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ISRAEL: Palestinian weapons much deadlier than rocks

Re: “US taxpayers underwrite destruction” (letter, 1-11).

The letter reflects a lack of knowledge on the part of the writer. He states that Palestinians “fight mostly with rocks.” Since 2001, more than 15,200 rockets have been fired on Israel from Gaza, an average of at least three per day. Israeli citizens have approximately 60 seconds to seek shelter after each rocket is fired.

Israel is probably our strongest friend in the world, possibly after Canada. The U.S. government provides billions of dollars to numerous countries around the world that hate us and our freedoms, including those where we currently have our military heroes

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ISRAEL: US taxpayers underwrite destruction

My wife and I contribute money to various groups helping refugees and people whose homes have been destroyed in warlike actions that occur periodically in the Middle East.

The irony for us is that we send monies to help repair the damage that our tax dollars have caused in the form of massive damage, such as the aid the U.S. gives to Israel, that is then used to fight an uneven war with Palestinians who fight mostly with rocks, and in too many cases in desperation with unprovoked attacks on innocent Israelis.

There is blame on both sides, but maybe

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MIDEAST: Israel exerts right of conquerers

Conquerors uproot natives from their homeland, forcing them to live on reservations, denying them the right to enter or exit the prison camp, controlling with an embargo what flows in or out.

The conqueror assumes that the native will be docile and subservient, never questioning the conqueror’s cultural superiority. When a native dares to resist, the conqueror labels him “criminal” and “terrorist.”

We could be describing South American tribes facing Spanish conquistadors, Native Americans of the United States, South African blacks under apartheid or Palestinians in Gaza. This is the double standard of historical colonialism.

Why are indigenous people who

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MIDDLE EAST: War is producing more victims of hate and violence

The reason why people support Palestine is simply, as the director of the bombed hospital in Gaza cried in agony: “We are human beings!” And as human beings, they deserve to be invited to peace talks; they deserve water, food, power, their coastline unblockaded, their schools and hospitals unbombed, compensation for their usurped homes.

Violence begets violence, and hatred begets hatred. One would think that Israelis have had enough cruelty in their history, but they inflict more, and with U.S. money and weapons. This doesn’t give them the peace they need. Isn’t it written: “Thou shalt not kill”?

This war

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MIDDLE EAST: Why do people support Palestinians?

Why do people see the Palestinian cause as attractive?

Is it for their teaching in schools and in the media of children to hate Jews?

Is it for their celebrations held for terrorist attacks?

Is it for their support of terrorist groups and the election of terrorists in Gaza?

Is it for their placement of weapons in hospitals, mosques and schools?

Is it for their rulers’ stated desire to eradicate every Jew from Israel?

Is this a cause that truly deserves support?


ISRAEL: Peace requires justice, equality for Palestinians

When Israeli Holocaust scholar Saul Friedlander starts likening Israel’s increasingly violent and extremist nationalism to Germany in the 1930s, as he did even before Israel’s latest massacres of Palestinians in Gaza, it’s time for Americans to question why our government gives Israel $8 million a day plus diplomatic cover for its breaches of international and human rights law.

And when MJ Rosenberg, former AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) media and PR star, flat out states that what’s enabling Israel to oppress Palestinians literally day in and day out for decades is big money in U.S. elections and politics, it’s time

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MIDDLE EAST: Retaliation doesn’t work

The Middle East is destroying itself through the old law of retaliation. The Romans called it lex talionis. The Hebrews called it “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” It doesn’t work.

Through this outmoded law, my enemy and I descend into each other’s lie. Israeli and Palestinian, Sunni and Shi’a, spiral in a dance of never-ending violence, based on the delusion that one’s act of revenge is a form of “justice,” while the enemy’s is a crime.

But a Palestinian Jew named Issa once offered a new law. He said, “You have heard, an eye for

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ISRAEL: Divesting is a nonviolent way to protest

Re: “Presbyterians’ effort against Israel is misguided” (TNT, 6-26).

Every time “good Christian” people, congressional delegations and impartial fact finders go to Palestine/Israel to gain an understanding, they fly El-Al; they stay at the King David (or another Israeli-owned) Hotel; and they are fed information, views and impressions from the pro-Zionist, anti-Palestinian perspective.

I know: On my first trip, that is exactly what happened.

They are discouraged from visiting with, purchasing from or even looking at the Palestinians, as to do so would “support terrorism.” Thus their impression of Israeli Jews is of a God-fearing, humanitarian people being attacked

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