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ISRAEL: Divestiture vote doesn’t promote peace

Kudos to Martin Schram for his op-ed, “Presbyterians’ effort against Israel is misguided” (TNT, 6-26).

The recent vote by the Presbyterian Church (USA) to divest in three American companies doing business with Israel is hypocritical as these companies also do business with Palestinians in the West Bank. Unfortunately, it may also influence other church denominations to follow its lead.

This decision was influenced by the distortions of groups aligned with the global BDS (boycott/divestment/sanctions) movement that regularly demonizes Israel and gives the Palestinian Authority and Hamas a pass. This same movement is now calling the Presbyterian vote a victory.

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ISRAEL: Are Palestinians open to co-existing in peace?

Re: “Policies do qualify as apartheid” (letter, 1-8).

The Israeli military occupation of the West Bank cannot be compared to the racism of South African apartheid. Palestinians are treated different from Israeli Jews and Arabs because of legal differences between Israeli vs. non-Israeli. It has nothing to do with race.

So why there is an occupation in the first place? In 1967, Israel won a defensive war against the Egyptian occupiers of Gaza and the Jordanian occupiers of the West Bank. Attempts to trade land for peace were met with “no peace with Israel, no negotiations with Israel, no

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MIDDLE EAST: Israel’s strong response isn’t the problem

Re: “Israel’s leaders need to make smarter decisions” (TNT, 12-12).

Frida Ghitis criticizes Israel’s strong response to the Palestinian Authority’s move at the United Nations. She calls Israel’s leaders foolish and irresponsible for moving forward with the controversial E1 housing project east of Jerusalem on land under Israeli jurisdiction per the 1995 Interim Agreement.

Ghitis describes Israel’s dangerous neighborhood in this “new era of Middle Eastern turbulence” and “the ascendance of Islamist parties.” She then expects Israel to pursue cordial relationships with her neighbors while the Palestinian Authority unilaterally attempts to bypass direct negotiations with Israel, which she admits

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