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ISRAEL: End support for Netanyahu’s regime

The comment from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that there will be no Palestinian state while he is in office is completely unacceptable. What have we been doing and striving for for the last 30-plus years?

President Jimmy Carter was right: The Palestinians exist under apartheid conditions. Palestinians were removed from their rightful lands during the creation and evolvement of Israel.

There are so many problems in the Middle East that there may not be peace with a Palestinian state but is guaranteed that there will never be peace without a Palestinian state. If that is Netanyahu’s attitude, then it is

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ISRAEL: Jihadist hatred shows need for Jewish state

In view of the rage against Jews we are currently seeing in Europe and America, it was disturbing to read the letter, “Mideast: Israel exerts right of conquerors” (TNT, 8-16). The idea that the founders of Israel were colonialists who conquered the indigenous Palestinians is simply not true.

The real indigenous people of the Holy Land are the Jews who have lived there continuously for more than 3,000 years, often as a minority in their own land. Ironically, before 1948 the term Palestine was associated with Jews and the Jewish homeland.

The immigrants of the late 1800s legally purchased

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PEACE: A prayer for peace and equality in the community

This is a message for all those in power and also to peace-loving Americans everywhere.

I am a Palestinian, Muslim man, born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel. I have lived in Federal Way with my family since the early 1980s. It was much too dangerous for us to remain in our homeland, as you all may know. Our freedom to move around and earn a living for our children was very limited, so I made the decision to relocate.

As Muslims, we are taught to make peace, not war. We are not terrorists as we are many times called. Every

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UNESCO: U.S. action hurts us abroad

After UNESCO voted membership for Palestine (TNT, 10-31), the U.S. announced that it would withdraw funds for the organization based on a law passed by Congress years ago that bars funding for any United Nations organization that recognizes Palestine.

Whatever one’s opinion or sympathy, this will be seen on screens from Casablanca to Jakarta as another example of America bullying the world. We wonder why we are not popular even as we need friends.

The U.S. and Israel insist on “negotiations,” yet much of the world knows that negotiations have been going on for 19 years with Israel gaining

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U.N.: Recognition for Libya but not Palestine?

The United Nations granted Libya’s transitional government a seat at the U.N. (TNT, 9-16). Susan Rice, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, welcomed Libya and, almost in the same breath, announced that the U.S. will work against granting the same status to Palestinians, saying that negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians must resume.

Pressed by a reporter who noted that Palestinians have been negotiating for some 20 years while seeing more and more of their land occupied, their homes and fields destroyed, she explained that “independence for Palestine must be sought between Jerusalem and Ramallah, not in New York.”


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ISRAEL: Negotiate end of occupation

George Will (column, 8-24) wonders what Israeli and Palestinians need to negotiate.

He is correct that current Israeli occupation of West Bank is legal under international law, but only to a point. It is not legal for occupation to be in perpetuity, nor for the occupying power to permanently make use for its own purposes of any portion of occupied territory.

United Nations membership requires that no member acquire territory through force of arms. All U.S. administrations, whether Republican or Democrat, have agreed that Palestinian lands must eventually be returned to Palestinians, with the possible exception that land

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