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FOREIGN POLICY: Are we the world’s guardian?

Re: “Obama’s miscues reveals his ignorance” (letter, 3-30).

From my understanding of the writer’s intent, I believe he is suggesting that because of the president’s “ignorance regarding foreign affairs,” we “aren’t working in the best interests of our country” when we refuse to deploy troops wherever the Islamic world is in conflict with other factions of Islam or nonbelievers, whoever they may be.

If we accept the writer’s premise, we would probably have troops (with U.S.-supplied weapons) deployed in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Indonesia, Chechnya, Gaza, Lebanon and a few I missed.

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BOMBINGS: Pray for victims of terror in other nations, too

My prayer for America is this: As we feel deep and noble compassion for our own innocent children and families, wounded or slaughtered by the irrational, the ignorant, the cowardly – so may we feel that same compassion for the innocents of other nations, especially Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, especially because so many of them have been wounded or slaughtered by us.


PAKISTAN: Shame aplenty to go around

Re: “Taliban shoot girl, 14, over education ban” (TNT, 10-10).

Shame on the Taliban for waging war on children.

Shame on the Pakistani government for allowing religious lunatics the run of the country.

Shame on the Pakistani people for allowing an ineffective and corrupt government to remain in power.

Shame on the Islamic clergy for allowing their religion to be hijacked by fringe groups that have no respect for life.

Shame on the Pakistani people for rioting over a film and standing by at the attempted murder of their future.

Shame on the rest of the world for not

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MORTENSON: Scandal aside, his ideas are right

Re: “Inquiry launched into ‘Three Cups’ charity” (TNT, 4-20).

Having read “Three Cups of Tea” by Greg Mortenson and having taught a semester-long class on the Middle East-Africa, I was dismayed to read of Mortenson’s alleged fraudulent use of funds and untrue parts of this book.

Nevertheless, the ideas behind Mortenson’s book are valid. Mothers are the most influential people in a child’s early years, and if women are educated through about the fifth-grade level, they will educate their children and will want their children to be educated.

Mortenson is right: We do need to understand the general culture of

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