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ELECTION: Best politicians that money can buy?

As Election Day approaches, some politicians are preparing to personally buy their election, a trend that has become increasingly popular in today’s political climate.

In an effort to remain competitive with Derek Kilmer, Bill Driscoll dumped another $500,000 into his campaign, which, amounts to a total of $1 million in personal spending in this race for the seat of retiring 6th District Congressman Norm Dicks. Driscoll’s campaign consultant, Alex Hays, stated that this action proves the seriousness of Driscoll’s campaign to PACs.

This trend demonstrates how the democratic process has been hijacked by money. The  Supreme Court decision in Citizens

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POLITICS: Why should we care how much money candidates raise?

I am not certain I fully understand all the hubbub regarding political fund-raising. Are “We the (dumb) people” supposed to be impressed with one or the other’s ability to squeeze millions of dollars out of other dumb people? How is this significantly different from buying a political position?

Aren’t we supposed to vote for someone with perceived upstanding morals and the ability to make good logical choices in office? Aren’t these the indicators of potential leadership qualities with less emphasis on party affiliations or the size of their bankroll?


ELECTION: Where do candidates stand on the real issues?

I’ve read every word of every one of The News Tribune’s editorial endorsements of the candidates for every state and federal position, whether or not it pertains to my specific district. And I am disappointed.

Why? Because I’ve been looking, in vain I might add, for the candidates’ views on recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions (corporations as “persons,” unfettered donations by political action committees, women’s reproductive rights, equal pay, etc.) as well as immigration issues, Voter ID, repeal of all or part of the Affordable Care Act, etc. The list goes on.

In our area, it is evident that each

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ELECTION: Beware of super PAC money

I’ve been severely disappointed with how many political candidates are taking advantage of super PACs and the unlimited amount of money they can provide.

Super PACs are harming our democracy. They are funded by anonymous donors. With mystery money, voters have no idea who is trying to influence our decision. This secret money goes against the very tenets of fair democratic elections.

Congressional candidate Denny Heck has pledged to keep super PACs out of Washington state. Every honest candidate should take that same pledge. With secret money funneled through super PACs, how can we ordinary voters know who to trust?

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PACS: Politics getting even more expensive

Re: “Republicans being eaten alive by the super-PAC monster they embraced” (TNT, 2-29).

As columnist Doyle McManus pointed out, candidates must be sure they have a billionaire or two in their corner. With so much money at their disposal, the candidates can afford more and more of the nasty negative ad campaigns we’ve seen thus far.

As Will Rogers opined, “Politics has got so expensive that it takes a lot of money even to get beat with.” He also said, “We’ve got the best government money can buy.”

Certainly the super-PACs are trying to accomplish that.