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ELECTION: Council-manager best for Edgewood

Edgewood voters have an important election in November choosing their type of city government: to remain a council-manager form or change to a strong mayor.

Edgewood voters need to consider recent events in our neighboring city of Pacific. Pacific has a strong mayor. The former mayor almost caused the collapse of the city of Pacific when the city’s insurance carrier cancelled Pacific’s insurance citing millions of dollars in lawsuits filed as a result of the mayor’s abusive actions.

To remove the mayor, citizens first had to go to court to show just cause for a recall election, gather sufficient signatures and then

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MILTON: Candidate is pulling old election ploy

Milton challenger for mayor, Marty Lelli, has pulled out an old grandstanding election ploy of pledging, if elected, to donate his salary back to the city. He is challenging other candidates and elected officials to do the same.

The mayor and council members receive $1,500 and $400, respectively, each month. I think it is fair to say that for those of us who properly prepare and attend regular and special meetings, that pencils out to about minimum wage; in Mayor Debra Perry’s case, probably even less. There are no other benefits, and there have been no raises requested or received

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ELECTION: Smith came through for Pacific

It is easy to sit in an office back in Washington, D.C., and tell people what they want to hear. But it is another thing to look a person in the eye, tell them that you understand their issue and that you will do everything you can to meet their concerns.

Adam Smith did that following the flood of 1,001 homes and 15 businesses in the City of Pacific in January 2009. He came to Pacific in person and walked the flooded area talking to its victims. He dedicated staff members to work with the city and these victims to

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