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JOBS: Who’s the real jobs outsourcer?

The Democrats and the president continue to paint Mitt Romney as a “jobs outsourcer,” even though that charge has been proven incorrect. I submit this president is the true jobs exporter.

Your front-page story, “State flower growers feel like casualties in global drug war” (TNT, 9-2), was about local growers being threatened by foreign growers because of the billions sent overseas to support their operations. This is jobs outsourcing.

The president scrapped the replacement for our space shuttle. We now send foreign governments millions for a ride to the International Space Station. This is jobs outsourcing.

This president killed

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BOEING: Missteps hurt once great company

I read with amusement that Boeing is looking outside to help with its sagging corporate culture (TNT, 8-26). Is anyone aware of the elephant sitting in the room eating all of the food? Or is outsourcing this task one more outlet for the blame game?

Any other company would have cleaned house, starting at the top, after so many mistakes with the 787. From miscommunication with overseas suppliers (metric or inches?) to poor wing design, Boeing hasn’t cleaned out anyone at the top. Mistake after mistake, and it’s always someone else’s fault.

Recently there were many layoffs in the information

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ECONOMY: What happened to Made in America?

The Republicans blocked a bill to help small businesses borrow expansion money from small banks. The bill would have helped American businesses create American jobs.

We need the jobs, and the huge corporations are not only sending all our jobs overseas, they’re also applying for (and receiving) special visas so non-citizens can come to our country and take more American jobs.

Go to any big chain and try to find something made in America. Revere ware, KitchenAid, Black & Decker, Craftsman: all American icons and all now made in other countries. And good luck finding any bedding that’s made here.

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SHIPPING: Keep using American vessels

Re: “Plan to toss shipping act?” (TNT, 6-29).

Sen. John McCain wants to let foreign ships carry goods between U.S. ports.

Trickle-down economics means American workers lose jobs. The American shipbuilders and shipping crews make American salaries and profits that they spend in the United States.

McCain cites a reduced cost for agricultural products shipped to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. I am sure there are foreign shippers that pay a pittance to their crews and have poor safety regulations that could reduce the cost to the agribusinesses.

The foreign shippers will spend their money in their country, and America

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JOBS: Outsourcing is killing manufacturing base

I was reading the morning (5-31) paper, when a strange thing occured to me, In the business section, an article appeared touting the arrival and shipment of windmill blades in Olympia. While this may seem trite, the irony is the blades were made in Brazil and destined for a facility in Vantage. The power generated is to be sent out of state.

It is just a poor indicator of the downfall of this country’s manufacturing capability. While I am all for globalization, I think it should be allowed only if all countries involved are able to compete equally. With the

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