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SCHOOLS: Train our teachers to keep our children safe

It is not news to any of us that children are teased and bullied on a daily basis because of their outward appearance. Those who do not conform to these gender norms become at risk for bullying or worse.

The good news is that a societal shift is in motion. The former societal, medical and mental health approach was that if the child doesn’t fit, we need to change the child. Research now shows us that this approach was both harmful to children and to their communities.

The current accepted approach is to support the children in who they are.

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SCHOOLS: Data don’t appear to be much help

Re: “School turnaround program failing here” (TNT, 3-30).

Imagine my vexation when one moment I read in The News Tribune that, according to a survey by the University of Washington, schools in this state have not done too well with their federal turnaround money
then turn around and read that a Center for Education Policy report says that most schools across the country have made gains with their turnaround money

On the one hand, state Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn says he’s going to wait for the “actual data” before judging in Washington. On the other

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BUDGET: Dorn right to resist further cuts

Re: “Superintendent’s office won’t comply with Gregoire’s budget-cut order” (TNT, 9-29).

In the article, Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn maintains that cuts to full-day kindergarten and class-size reduction for high-poverty schools, among others, are unconstitutional. So he is refusing to cut his agency’s budget by 10 percent, even though Gov. Chris Gregoire has ordered all state agencies to cut their budgets that much.

I think that Dorn has a leg to stand on. Let us look at our history. In 1977, our Legislature passed the Basic Education Act, under which the state took on the duty of fully funding

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EDUCATION: Don’t enable Democrats’ agenda

Gov. Chris Gregoire proposes bringing all education under one umbrella. What is under this umbrella?

The governor’s solution to education “budget cuts” would replace five high-level positions, one of which is elected by citizens, with 13 high-level positions, all appointed by the governor.

That would give the right to change the state education system to a socialist curriculum, or whatever fits the current Democrat political agenda, solely to the appointees. Why would anyone in a free country want to pay taxes for that?

Wake up, America, or we better start learning Chinese.


TEACHERS: State should investigate teacher miconduct cases

Re: “Teacher to appeal license suspension” (TNT, 12-30).

A case in Morton shows problems with what is done when teachers show unprofessional conduct. Currently, individual districts conduct their own investigation, which proves that they don’t always do it correctly. OSPI’s office of Professional Practices currently provides a website with a current list of teachers with disciplinary actions, but it is not always accessed.

If a teacher is suspected of any form of misconduct, the investigation must be conducted by the state, which will decide if the conduct of the teacher warrants any disciplinary action. What actions the state has

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LINCOLN CENTER: Take a closer look at data

Re: “Learn from Lincoln Center success” (letter, 6-4).

I have always believed that if something seems too good to be true then it probably is. I think it would be a mistake to make a rush to judgment in regard to the putative success of Lincoln Center.

Data can be easily manipulated to produce any outcome that the manipulator desire,s and discarding unfavorable data is one of the most obvious methods of data misuse. Since so much of Lincoln Center’s highly touted success in closing the achievement is based on students’ grade-point averages, I would ask if the students in

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