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BENGHAZI: Emails point to political cover-up

Remember Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012? It was six weeks before a hotly contested presidential election for Barack Obama. Four Americans were killed including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Susan Rice, United Nations ambassador, went on five major news talk shows to assure the American people this attack was a response to an Internet video and not a terrorist act. After all, both Obama and Vice President Joe Biden campaigned with the slogan, “GM is alive and bin Laden is dead.” This was a blatant lie and produced to protect Obama with no reference to his foreign policy failures.

New emails

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OBAMA: Why leak information helpful to the enemy?

Our president allowed detailed information leaked about the taking down of Osama bin Laden. The operation was undertaken about a group that never leaks details, the Navy Seals. They were put in great danger.

Now he has allowed specific information about an intercepted telephone call to be leaked, “secret” information from the National Security Council.

Why? Ego, politics, or aiding and abetting the enemy?


9/11: Overcome our national PTSD

We are once again remembering that tragic day 11 years ago when our country experienced a traumatic act of terror. Every year we seem to need to relive that nightmare and go back to the violence and fear of that terrible day.

What has come to concern me is how it changed us as a nation. Most of those changes have not been positive. Just as our soldiers experience moments of rage, with their post-traumatic stress syndrome, we have yet to get control of our own anger because of that horrible event.

Partisan anger is extremely vicious and divisive. The

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BIN LADEN: Manner of death doesn’t matter

Re: “SEAL’s book differs from official account” (TNT, 8-30).

After all the Americans Osama bin Laden killed, or had killed, how can the manner of his demise matter to us? Why should he simply have been detained? He waged war on us, and in war people are shot – on purpose.

The controversy escapes me. I suppose it is important only to the media that wish to create news and certain Republicans who wish to denounce the Obama administration for whatever they can find, real or imagined.


SYRIA: U.S. shouldn’t be picking sides

Max Boot (TNT, 6-6) argues for U.S. intervention to help topple Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria. While recognizing technical difficulties as to targets, he asks, “Is this an argument for simply sitting by and let the killing continue?”

In a word, yes.

That may seem callous, but the plain fact is until we know who we are supporting, running around deposing people – even bad people isn’t smart. That’s true even if it might stop some killing.

Let’s say loyalists in America persuaded France to jump in against George Washington to “stop the killing.” Would that have been a

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OBAMA: President gets credit, responsibility

I’ve been watching the so called “liberal press” this week, and I’m amazed by the hypocrisy welling up regarding the president’s campaign.

On one hand several pundits were saying Barack Obama wasn’t saying enough about his record. It is as if he were trying to avoid having his record exposed. In the next breath the same pundits made disparaging comments regarding Obama taking credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Excuse me, but killing bin Laden is part of Obama’s record. If the mission had failed, the buck would have stopped in the Oval Office. No one would have

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GOP: Obama ‘owns’ economy but not killing bin Laden?

Re: “Obama rejects political ad criticism” (TNT, 5-1).

Congressional Republicans want Obama to “own” this economic situation that they created and have been fighting all reasonable solutions to fix.

But they don’t want him to own stopping the fall of the economy into a depression or saving the auto industry and keeping those thousands of jobs and true trickle-down jobs associated with that industry. Nor do they want him to own the climb out of the recession.

And they especially don’t want him to own finding and getting Osama bin Laden after they let him get away. Nor do

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DEFENSE: Samuelson uses fear-mongering

Re: “The dagger of ‘budget sequestration’ dangles over the throat of defense’ (Robert J. Samuelson column, 3-6).

Digesting Samuelson’s weekly morsels requires much attrition; they constitute a biopsy of the neo-con soul for us to inspect.

His backdrop is sound; $2.1 trillion in budgetary reductions for 2012-2021 were passed in debt-ceiling negotiations. Of those reductions, $1.2 trillion were considered “painful” and renegotiable by congressional “super-committee” until a 2013 “sequestration mechanism.”

But Samuelson cannot resist the tried-and-true propaganda of fear-mongering, blaming our president for “devastating cuts” which “dangle over the throat of defense.”

Defense spending consumes roughly $700 billion of

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