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ORTING: Resident patrols are welcome in city

Re: “Citizen patrol taking the wrong path” (letter, 4-22).

The Safe Streets director writes that Orting youth deserve to live in a community without fear of being stalked by resident patrols.

I’d like to point out that adults of every age and young children who live in Orting also deserve to live in a community without fear – fear of other residents. The resident patrol website shows that on April 19, at 3:30 a.m., six young men and two young women were reported to be “loitering” in the alley behind a business in downtown Orting. The resident patrol simply

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ORTING: Citizen patrol taking the wrong path

Re: “Citizen patrol says it will ‘never let up’” (TNT, 4-17).

I am concerned that a group of six citizens in Orting have taken it upon themselves to work without the police to address Michael Compton’s murder and other crime issues.

Through a process that they alone designed, this group has determined that young criminals are at fault. Kacie Nesby of Opportunity Center of Orting is rightly concerned that targeting youth could provoke violence out of fear or anger.

We at Safe Streets know that proven organizing practices where resident patrols do not carry weapons and who document and

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CYCLISTS: Would-be racers shouldn’t be on trail

My wife and I spent the day on the Foothills Trail in Orting. The trail, a county park financed by Pierce County is designed for casual recreational bicycle riding, walking, wheelchairs and horses. It has been overtaken by irresponsible cyclists training for racing or wishing they could be racers.

The 10 mph speed limit is blatantly ignored by racing-style peletons of two, four or six bicycles traveling together well over twice the posted speed as they zip by. They loudly yell “On your left,” and you hope and pray you can get your kids to safety in time for their

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ORTING: Support Joe Pestinger for mayor

Joachim “Joe” Pestinger is asking the citizens of Orting to make him their mayor Nov. 5. I would encourage them to give him a strong show of support on election day.

While I do not live in Orting, I had the wonderful experience of working with Pestinger while he was on the City Council; he ws one of my bosses on the fire commission when I served as fire chief through December of last year. A more thoughtful, considerate and visionary person you will not find.

Pestinger is one of those people who will listen carefully, consider all input and

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MCMILLIN BRIDGE: Find a way to preserve historic structure

I have been reading about the efforts to save the unique historic McMillin Bridge (TNT, 5-31). I would hope the Washington State Department of Transportation could figure out it is worthwhile to save unique historic structures.

The bridge on state Route 162 to Orting looks like it would stand a long time without needing any unusual expensive maintenance, as WSDOT claims. The river has been flowing under the bridge for 78 years now, and I think the high water gets by just fine. The $500,000 budgeted for tearing down the bridge could be put into a trust fund to

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PUYALLUP: Sumner Y would ease overcrowding

Re: “Sumner council increases support for new Y” (TNT, 4-27).

As a member of the Mel Korum YMCA in Puyallup for many years, I have seen that there is a very high demand for this specific recreation center throughout East Pierce County. Many of the Puyallup YMCA’s members commute from other towns such as Orting, Buckley, Bonney Lake, Auburn and Sumner. It would be a convenience to those from the aforementioned towns if another location opened closer to them in Sumner.

A Sumner YMCA would also offer a break from the constant overcrowding that plagues the Puyallup Y. The

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ELECTION: Orting fire district needs community support

Orting Valley Fire and Rescue (Pierce County Fire District 18) is running a four-year maintenance and operations levy on the April 23 ballot. This levy is necessary due to the dramatic drops in assessed property value that has occurred since 2009. Annual revenue is down $826,000 (33 percent) since that year.

The levy authorizes the district to collect $825,000 each year from 2014 through 2017. It is important to note that this would bring the district back to its 2009 revenue level and allow the district to maintain its basic level of service. This is only possible because of budget

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FOOTHILLS TRAIL: A great opportunity for Pierce County

Re: “Foothills Trail designated a national recreation trail” (TNT, 5-31).

This is great recognition for a dream that began in the heart of one of the last house-call physicians in East Pierce County, Dr. Douglas A. Tait of Buckley. He envisioned people being able to walk between his hometown and South Prairie, Wilkeson, Carbonado, Orting and Puyallup along the same route formerly traveled by the Northern Pacific Railroad.

Much has been accomplished, but much more work needs to occur to bring his dream to fruition.

On Saturday, National Trails Day will be celebrated on the Foothills Trail when the

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