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LINDQUIST: Don’t deny public access to records

Re: “Justices wrestle with phone privacy” (TNT, 6-12)

Mark Lindquist was elected by the people to be Pierce County’s prosecutor. It is a public position and subject to the Public Records Act. To allow an official to conduct business on his private phone and tell the public it cannot access those records based on privacy is ludicrous. Those who run for public office are aware that the position is just that: “public.”

Can we think about this logically? If you worked for a company and conducted business on your private phone and there were allegations of bad conduct, wouldn’t you want

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NSA: Bureaucracy is out of control

I had always learned that there were three branches of government under our constitution: legislative, judicial and executive. When did the NSA become a branch unto itself that ignores the constitution? Are our elected representatives so spineless or ignorant that they don’t care that parts of the Bill of Rights are being blatantly abused everyday?

We badmouth other nations that have secret police forces and yet our own government is doing the same thing, only on a worldwide scale.

The president’s supposedly “open government” sure got the door slammed shut in a hurry.


COUNTY: Council needs to hold meetings later

Re: “Council puts off decision on later start for meetings” (TNT, 3-26).

The Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington says, “Public hearings . . . assure, at a minimum, the rights of interested citizen to attend and/or testify. . . . Scheduling convenient times and providing comfortable settings encourages participation.”

Public oversight of our representatives’ spending decisions keeps those representatives accountable and helps ensure taxpayers’ money is not wasted on things the public does not want or need. Only seven of 50 Pierce County Council meetings per year are held after 5 p.m., so most citizens are prevented

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TACOMA: Keep televising Civil Service Board meetings

Tacoma city staff plan to stop broadcasting Tacoma Civil Service Board meetings. My council member tells me that the council will not vote on this decision and that it will take effect immediately.

I find this troubling; the voters of Tacoma are entitled to transparency and accountability.

City staff claimed initially that they would save taxpayers $25,000 annually by discontinuing these broadcasts. When pressed for details, they retreated from that figure and have stated that was combined with broadcasting the City of Destiny Awards (which they also plan to end) and are now citing a $4,500 figure. They called the

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POLITICS: Demand honesty, transparency

Capitalism is the only path to freedom, but it can easily be corrupted. Socialism is a form of slavery, but it gives us comfort.

Make the rich pay, spread the wealth, force those lazy bums to work, end welfare handouts…. These political slogans have been shouted long before our country was formed, and they will continue until the demise of the human race.

Our government was formed by men who began their working careers in their preteen years. They knew the value of hard work and the consequences of bad decisions. They designed our country in a structure that gives us,

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