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GAS: More money for average Americans

Since last year at this time, the price of gas has dropped about $1 a gallon. Most families drive about 30,000 miles per year, getting 20 miles per gallon. This is about 1,500 gallons. This lower price has put $1,500 per year more in every pocket of every average working American family.

This has been done even though the current government has done everything it can to decrease production of oil in our country. The government has said no to the Keystone XL pipeline, depriving us of well-paying blue collar construction jobs and more non-OPEC oil, said no to leasing federal or state

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ENERGY: Let’s develop our own resources

Re: “Drilling doesn’t lower gas prices” (TNT, 3-25).

The argument that revolves around whether drilling for more oil will lower gas prices is a distraction from what should be a major goal: the reduction of imported oil.

Since we must, for the foreseeable future, continue to import oil, it would seem to make sense to import from our friendly, Canadian neighbors rather than from the Middle East or other countries, like Venezuela, that view us less favorably. That should be sufficient reason to justify the Keystone pipeline.

Another argument against oil development in the U.S. revolves around the fact

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