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EDUCATION: Online schools held accountable here

Re: “States vetting online schools” (TNT, 2-24).

The Stateline.org article suggests weak accountability nationally. My experience with my son in a digital public school tells me the opposite.

We are not Florida. Our state Legislature has mandated accountability for online schools that exceeds anything in traditional schools in our state, if not the nation.

After attending classes that moved either too fast or too slow for my son, we enrolled Leamon in a state-approved digital public school. Our Legislature launched digital public schools with rigorous accountability for students, teachers and school districts. School districts don’t receive funding for a

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EDUCATION: Smart options beat dumb cuts

The state Senate is threatening 10 percent cuts to reimbursement rates for online learning, the House 20 percent (TNT, 4-14). Budget cutting is an understandable reality this year, but this provision is odd because the state won’t save any money. If online options aren’t available, kids will just go back to more expensive brick-and-mortar schools.

Online learning already saves districts 25 percent, and providers typically don’t receive any local levy funding. The Federal Way Internet Academy (that I helped launch in 1996) operates with average funding of $4,975 per student, or less than half of the national average, and a

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