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WILDERNESS: We can save the Wild Olympics

I urge support for the bill in Congress to protect the Wild Olympics. Congressman Derek Kilmer and Sen. Patty Murray have introduced the bill. This would protect more than 126,000 acres of wilderness and 19 rivers in the Olympic National Forest and Olympic National Park.

Pristine stands of trees and animals such as elk, deer, salmon, steelhead and trout will receive additional protection.

A detailed study shows little impact to timber jobs; 99 percent of the lands involved for wilderness are not presently being considered for the harvest of timber. New jobs are likely in the outdoor recreation and tourist

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SHUTDOWN: Olympic park ranger exceeded her authority

Three people who pulled into a ranger station at Olympic National Park during the government shutdown were given $125 tickets by Ranger Jennifer Jackson (TNT, 10-15). Some of the drivers were escorting international students. They said they were not aware that it was a violation of law to enter the park when it was closed (the sign didn’t prohibit entry or mention a penalty and there was a wide gap between the cones where they entered).

They thought the sign just meant restrooms and other facilities were closed. The ranger said she was “sympathetic” but was just doing her

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LAWSUIT: Other side of goat-goring

Re: “Goat-goring lawsuit is ridiculous” (letter, 8-11).

I represent the family of the man killed by the 350-pound goat. It is sad but so prevalent that people make judgments about situations and cases with no knowledge of the facts. Here are some facts in this case:

  • This goat was unusually large and very aggressive.
  • National park policies require that aggressive animals that regularly come near humans be removed or killed, before someone gets hurt.
  • The National Park Service knew for four years that this animal regularly and aggressively encountered human beings.
  • The park service shot and killed an

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PARKS: Goat-goring lawsuit is ridiculous

Re: “Claims filed in death of hiker gored by goat” (TNT, 8-7).

I have been taking The News Tribune for more than 20 years, and only once in the past have I felt the need to voice my opinion.

The family of the man mauled are filing three wrongful-death claims agains Olympic National Park. They claim that park rangers did not give them adequate warnings against the dangers.

That is ridiculous. Although this was a tragedy, it is by no means the fault of the park. When you enter a forest, national or otherwise, you are now on the

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