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CLIMATE: Don’t downplay global warming threat

I eagerly went to my News Tribune this morning to read what I thought would be a report on the People’s Climate March in New York City. I was disappointed in not seeing anything on it in the front page or mentioned under “Today’s Top Stories.”

However on page A-8 I found an article on it. And I must say it was a good article given the space given to it.

In my opinion, climate change is one of the most, if not the most, important issues facing the world today. And people around the world are waking up

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OIL: Are we willing to alter our lifestyle?

As much as anyone, I acknowledge the need to protect the environment; recent weather events attest to extreme consequences if we don’t. At the same time, I have to admit to an epiphany of sorts.

We can’t continue to risk oils spills in the oceans or elsewhere, true enough. But we also can’t afford not to. Consider the role of petrochemicals in our lives.

Everything from aspirin to vitamin depends on oil and our ability to keep it flowing at current levels and then some. And that’s not to mention trucks, trains, cars, planes and ships – all of which

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IRAQ: Conflict shows need for energy independence

No amount of diplomatic activity will ever bring peace and unity to a nation so deeply divided as Iraq.

Various tribal groups in the Middle East have been killing each other for 2,000 years or more, and any thoughts of establishing democratic governments in the region are pipe dreams.

So what should America do in the future? Make ourselves energy independent.

Some fear that if we do not maintain a strong military presence in the region oil prices will skyrocket, but the reverse might well be true if we begin to aggressively develop our own abundant oil and natural gas

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OIL: Honor Billy Frank Jr. with terminal moratorium

Billy Frank Jr. was a fighter for a healthy ecosystem right to the very end. On the morning of his passing, his last editorial was posted on his Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission blog “Being Frank.” In “Keep Big Oil Out of Grays Harbor,” he strongly backed the Quinault Nation’s stand against plans for three Bakken oil terminals in Hoquiam.

Frank wrote, “It’s clear that crude oil can be explosive, and the tankers used to transport it by rail are simply unsafe . . . Everyone knows that oil and water don’t mix, and neither do oil and fish . .

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OIL: Pipeline delay reflects leadership gap

The Keystone XL Pipeline has been under scrutiny and environmental review since 2008. Volumes of reports have been produced, and it has been debated from both sides. The conclusion is very clear:

This project would create thousands of jobs, bring energy to our markets and produce an influx of money into our economy with minimal environmental impact. Yet President Obama is unable to make a decision until after the November elections (TNT, 4-19).

Again, the “leader” of the free world decides to kick the can down road once again because of influences from his left-wing radical environmental base. This

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OIL: Environmental politics delays crucial pipeline

Let’s review the facts here. The world is a fossil fuel economy. For decades North America has depended on OPEC for petroleum. If it was not for American and British private investments in the Middle East back in the 1950s, there would be no OPEC or the economic power it now holds.

However, there is new game in town. It’s called oil shale. This is our “Saudi Arabia.” It’s sitting there in North Dakota, Montana and throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada. In fact, discoveries are being made in Missouri, Nebraska and Kansas. It’s called the Mississippi Lime. North America is

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OIL: Time wasted in studying pipeline

Re: “More pressure for Keystone” (TNT, 2-1).

I apologize to the people of Canada for the behavior of our current administration in not quickly authorizing the Keystone XL pipeline.

Common sense tells us that Canada will sell and transport that oil with or without the pipeline, yet it’s taken our current administration more than five years to reach that conclusion in its massive 11-volume environmental impact study released Friday by the State Department.

World War II from start to finish took less time than our current administration has spent fondling the political football of the Keystone pipeline. In that

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OIL: Show some spine and make pipeline decision

Re: “Stop disrespecting Canada over oil pipeline” (Charles Krauthammer column, 1-24).

I seldom agree with Krauthammer. but he did finally get one right. The Obama administration really must make a decision on Canada’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

As Krauthammer writes, Canada is the Saudi Arabia of oil sands. The world is eager to buy the oil, and the pipeline would carry it to U.S. Gulf Coast facilities that have the capacity to handle it.

The U.S. has little need of the oil, thanks to the success of new drilling technologies that have accessed fields in North Dakota. The U.S.

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