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OIL: Seattle mayor and ‘kayaktivists’ are hypocritical

Re: Seattle’s Murray joins fight against drilling rigs” (TNT, 5-8).

I find the article about the “kayaktivists” laughable. It’s good to see that there are reasons the kayakers can use to load up their kayaks onto their SUVs and ply the waters. Unfortunately their message, as well as Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, reeks of hypocrisy.

To deny Royal Dutch Shell its legal right to dock a few drilling ships, and to attack Foss Marine by badgering the Port of Seattle into reconsidering Foss’ lease, is disregard for the law of lease and reeks of anarchy.

While alternative energy has

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GAS: We suffer from manipulation economics

Re: “There are reasons gas got so pricey” (TNT, 3-4).

I read this article with great interest and thought, here we go again!

Although the price of oil has remained steady, the price of gasoline has shot up once again in recent days. So what happens next? Well, the public will complain and Congress will investigate and later find price manipulation. Then, as the oil companies make a fortune, they will later agree to pay a government settlement of less than 10 to 20 percent of the profits they reaped.

But the kicker is they will never admit guilt, and when the conditions

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OIL: Be neighborly and build the pipeline

I fail to understand the opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline. The oil produced from the tar sands of Alberta, Canada, is going to be developed with or without our assistance as long as it is economically viable.

Without our assistance, the oil will likely travel by rail or pipeline to Canada’s west coast where it will be transported by tanker through the pristine waters of the Pacific Northwest – far riskier than if transported by pipeline to the Gulf Coast.

If the Keystone pipeline is built, and all the oil passes through our country only to be transported by tanker

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OIL: Questions about proposed pipeline

I have asked and never received an adequate answer to the question of why the Keystone XL pipeline has to be built. Why hasn’t a refinery been built close to the source?

Existing refineries are aging and need constant repairs to say nothing of the safety features that could be built into a new refinery. If the pipeline is still needed after these questions asre fully answered, then I think most objections would disappear.


OIL: Consider long-term effects of exporting resource

Re: “Repeal ban on exporting oil” (Off the wire, 12-22).

Those who advocate exporting American oil are not thinking of the long-term effects.

Oil is not a renewable resource. If we export our own oil, that will only speed up the depletion of one of our own resources, making us truly at the mercy of other nations in the future.

I’ve never thought it was “bad policy” for us to buy cheap oil from overseas, even though it probably wasn’t done for altruistic reasons. Make no mistake, there will ultimately be costly military battles over dwindling resources, be it

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CLIMATE: Don’t downplay global warming threat

I eagerly went to my News Tribune this morning to read what I thought would be a report on the People’s Climate March in New York City. I was disappointed in not seeing anything on it in the front page or mentioned under “Today’s Top Stories.”

However on page A-8 I found an article on it. And I must say it was a good article given the space given to it.

In my opinion, climate change is one of the most, if not the most, important issues facing the world today. And people around the world are waking up

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OIL: Are we willing to alter our lifestyle?

As much as anyone, I acknowledge the need to protect the environment; recent weather events attest to extreme consequences if we don’t. At the same time, I have to admit to an epiphany of sorts.

We can’t continue to risk oils spills in the oceans or elsewhere, true enough. But we also can’t afford not to. Consider the role of petrochemicals in our lives.

Everything from aspirin to vitamin depends on oil and our ability to keep it flowing at current levels and then some. And that’s not to mention trucks, trains, cars, planes and ships – all of which

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IRAQ: Conflict shows need for energy independence

No amount of diplomatic activity will ever bring peace and unity to a nation so deeply divided as Iraq.

Various tribal groups in the Middle East have been killing each other for 2,000 years or more, and any thoughts of establishing democratic governments in the region are pipe dreams.

So what should America do in the future? Make ourselves energy independent.

Some fear that if we do not maintain a strong military presence in the region oil prices will skyrocket, but the reverse might well be true if we begin to aggressively develop our own abundant oil and natural gas

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