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OIL: System based on greed, smoke and mirrors

Re: “Investors key to soaring oil prices” (TNT, 5-15).

Well, duh! It doesn’t take a degree in economics to see how stock market investors are likely to be the ruin of our country and the world’s economy.

This smoke-and-mirrors, greed-based, something-for-nothing system has come to accept “futures trading” and “speculators flipping” as normal business practices. Unfortunately there is big money involved, so fixing it is unlikely.


OIL PRICES: Reporting has been poor

Re: “Events in Mideast, Japan lead oil prices to soar again” (TNT, 3-18).

Reporting on oil and commodities over the past year is incoherent, chicken-little emotional, and covering up reality.

Oil and commodity prices are not the results of events in the future (China will use more oil in 10 years, Japan will recover) and not even the results of events in the present. They are first and foremost the results of massive capital injected into speculation on the oil and commodities markets (including the massive oil company profits), nothing more.

Secondarily, they are the result of market

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