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GAS: Oil companies backed down

Sometime in March, I wrote a letter suggesting that oil companies were responsible for the high gas prices. I predicted, and it turned out to be true, that they would end the quarter with incredibly high profits because there was no supply-and-demand reason for the price increases.

Note what has happened since. When President Obama seemed not to be blamed for those high prices by the U.S. populace, the oil companies backed down. Gas prices are where they were before the uproar, or at least close. No Republicans have been screaming about the high prices for the past month.

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GAS: High prices help pay for ad blitz

Are you sick of the high gas prices and want to blame someone? You have been falsely told that it is President Obama’s fault.

Here is something to think about. The American Petroleum Institute, Exxon, and others are running 30-second ads on numerous TV stations telling how wonderful they are and how wonderful “fracking” will be for America. Last time I checked, prime-time TV ads were very, very expensive.

And now for the real crusher: You and I are paying for these ads with not only high gas prices but with the Republican oil subsidy. I say Republican because they

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GAS: Oil industry doesn’t need tax breaks

The top six oil companies recently released their 2011 fourth-quarter results, and to no one’s surprise made a record-high $148 billion in profits in 2011.

When you are selling something that everyone is addicted to you are going to make a lot of money, and you shouldn’t need tax breaks or billions in subsidies to cut a profit. I thank Sens. Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray for voting last month to end the century-old tax breaks for the oil industry. However, the bill was defeated in the Senate.

For the first time in more than a decade, imports accounted for

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GAS: Who’s responsible for high gas prices?

I feel like the kid in the story, “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” in revealing this: Oil companies are responsible for high gas prices.

Yes, there are the usual arguments like the tension with Iran, internal troubles in Yemen and risk-averse commodities futures traders. But before prices had risen even five cents, Karl Rove and other Republicans were on the airwaves blaming President Barack Obama for the terrible conditions he had wrought, and how high gas prices were expected to go.

Obama has increased domestic production of oil, and demand for gas is down in the United States. There is no

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