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OIL: Cleaning up mess is a good family value

My mother, probably yours as well, taught me to clean up my own messes. If I spilled milk on the kitchen floor, if I tracked in mud from the garden or the barn, it was my responsibility to clean it up. I couldn’t blame it on someone else or ignore it. And I certainly couldn’t say no. So clean it up I did.

I learned that was one of the things you did if you cared about those you lived with. You took responsibility for your own mess. That’s part of what it means to be a good family member.

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EDUCATION: Put kids before oil companies

Re: “Oil refiners gird up to do battle over state’s ‘extracted fuel’ tax plan” (TNT, 3-31).

As a mother focused on providing a bright future for my kids, I believe Gov. Jay Inslee has his priorities in the right place with his list of proposed budget loophole closures.

Closing a lucrative and outdated tax loophole for oil companies so that we can fund education is only fair. These oil companies are making profits many times the size of our education budget shortfall, and should do more to support funding our children’s education.

This loophole is also about our values

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GAS: Charging more because they can

Over the Memorial Day holiday weekend I noticed store after store advertising sales and car dealers offering generous incentives for their products. However, one industry traditionally raises prices to take advantage of the holiday activity. It uses existing stocks and simply boosts the retail price “because it can,” and no one is going to do anything about it.

I have no problem with a company making a reasonable profit, and I have no problem with a company raising its prices to cover increased expenses. But I do have a problem with companies that raise their prices “because they can.”


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ENERGY: Let’s develop our own resources

Re: “Drilling doesn’t lower gas prices” (TNT, 3-25).

The argument that revolves around whether drilling for more oil will lower gas prices is a distraction from what should be a major goal: the reduction of imported oil.

Since we must, for the foreseeable future, continue to import oil, it would seem to make sense to import from our friendly, Canadian neighbors rather than from the Middle East or other countries, like Venezuela, that view us less favorably. That should be sufficient reason to justify the Keystone pipeline.

Another argument against oil development in the U.S. revolves around the fact

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OIL: Companies aren’t getting subsidies

Re: “Republicans favor Big Oil over little guy” (letter, 5-29).

The writer claims to be confused by the Republican debt logic. I wonder why the writer and liberals in general persist in claiming that the oil companies are receiving subsidies at all. A subsidy is a grant or a gift of money. Oil companies are certainly not receiving any taxpayer-subsidized payments.

In fact, using the term “tax breaks” when referring to oil company earnings is somewhat misleading. Does the writer believe the oil companies are earning too much? In 2010, the industry earned 5.7 cents per dollar of sales compared

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