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OIL: North or south, drilling is still risky

I was pleased to see your story, “Gulf disaster renews debate over Arctic spill” (newstribune.com, 4-22) finally address the very real problems and risks of drilling in the Arctic. Despite oil industry claims, the risk of a major spill in the Arctic is no less than it was in the Gulf of Mexico, though a cleanup would prove to be substantially more difficult, if not impossible.

Already the Arctic is paying the price of our fossil fuel habit. North Alaska is warming at twice the rate of the lower 48. The people of the North Slope are seeing the loss

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DRILLING: Stick to guns on moratorium

We read the article about the fact that the federal agency in charge of granting permits to oil companies that want to drill off shore is thumbing its nose at the president of the United States and his assertion that there is a moratorium on granting permits for such drilling.

We don’t understand what those federal employees don’t understand about a moratorium on the granting of such permits.

Our reaction is that the president should immediately inform those federal employees that they are no longer employed and to clean out their desks by the end of the day.

Get a

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OIL: Offshore drilling not needed

Only about 5 percent of U.S. oil production comes from offshore drilling.

No off-shore drilling would be necessary if people would buy cars that are already available that get higher mileage. It would also reduce carbon dioxide to the atmosphere that is lowering the pH of the oceans and threatening sea life.