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MAY DAY: Seattle police woefully unprepared

Occupy (name the city) has been so emboldened this last year that it loudly announced its intentions to disrupt and destroy in the name of the “oppressed” 99 percent. Obviously it intention was to hijack another peaceful march set to observe May Day and immigrant labor.

So how could Seattle cops look so woefully and inadequately prepared to protect an area they are charged to serve? Total mayhem reigned, and businesses and taxpayers are again on the hook to pick up the pieces.



DRUGS: Test to weed out freeloaders

Most employers now do pre-employment drug screening. This is intended to ensure a safe work environment and help make good decisions in regard to human resources. Now that this practice is commonplace, it forces people serious about getting a job to get clean.

Why is it then, that those who get food stamps, government assistance and even unemployment benefits are not required to pass a drug test? It seems that this practice would be even more important to keep those in the system honest and save taxpayers from supporting deadbeat druggies.

Additionally, let’s do Pre-Occupy drug testing. Before you make

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