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TACOMA: Don’t let Pugnetti Park be lost

I am more than a bit shocked and disappointed in the decision by the state Department of Transportation to keep Don Pugnetti Park permanently closed to the public and sell the property that has been enjoyed by those residing and visiting downtown Tacoma for years (Political Buzz, 3-14).

It seems rather an overreaction to the brief occupation and is a negative result for Tacoma overall. Does no one care that this wonderful little park could be lost forever? I encourage anyone who cares about Tacoma and the downtown area in particular to contact the DOT and the Tacoma City

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PROTESTS: Davis’ criticism unfounded

Richard S. Davis rightly commends George Washington for his humility, temperateness, and sincerity (column, 2-22). What a contrast to Davis himself, who intemperately accuses the Occupy protesters of lack of patriotism, and asserts with no trace of evidence that their minds have been poisoned by the textbooks they read in high school.

I would simply like to remind Davis that the Occupy movement began on Wall Street in New York City as a protest against the punishing and unpunished behavior of financial behemoths who have effectively held the little people under their boot heels for the past eleven years.


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PROTESTS: Movement shines important spotlight

Re: “Occupy Tacoma may face eviction” (TNT, 2-2).

I’m sorry to hear that the powers that be are seeking to get rid of Occupy Tacoma. It is sad that it is one of the few remaining settlements nationwide.

These mostly young people are the “canaries in the coal mine” who are bringing the problems in our current society to our attention, problems like income disparity, money corrupting politics, the environment, jobs going overseas, unfair tax structure and lack of jobs.

I try to drop in a few times a week to deliver some hot food and hold a sign

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PROTESTS: Enough already with Occupy camp

While I agree that the lower the income, the lower the ability of the person to do more than tread water financially, this Occupy thing is just not working anymore.

You have all said your piece, and for the most part, the citizens living in homes and apartments (and paying for them) agree with you on the need for change.

However, where did you – who do not work for a living – get the funds to buy the nice Carhartt jackets and warm clothes I see in the pictures in the paper? And how do you feed, relieve and

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TACOMA: Leave Occupy camp residents alone

Re: “Occupy Tacoma may face eviction” (TNT, 2-2).

This little park has had very little use from other citizens. The Occupy Tacoma residents survived a cold winter, while the rest of us were nice and warm in our houses. They found a family in their group and a peaceful home to come to.

They have not caused any police intervention and no problem of any importance – except some may not look good. They have not disturbed anybody as far as we know.

Actually I find the group kind of neat. Their presence makes the city appear as a

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TACOMA: Occupy camp a bad introduction

I was driving my 87-year-old mother through downtown Tacoma and pointed out, without comment, the Occupy Tacoma site on Pacific Avenue.

“What’s that?” she asked. “It looks awful! What an introduction to our city! How long are they going to be allowed to do that?”

This comes not from one of the 1 percent, but from a lifelong proud Tacoman, a first-generation working-class American who grew up worshipping FDR. Ah, the wisdom of the golden years.

If our city leaders truly want to improve the local economy and the image of the city, perhaps installing a Chamber of Commerce welcome

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PROTESTS: Movement needs more dialogue

I marched with Occupy Tacoma and found a diverse group of caring citizens. But I fear that the Occupy movement polarizes many Americans.

If it is unacceptable to stereotype the poor, the immigrant and the union laborer, why is it acceptable to stereotype police officers, bankers, the wealthy and business owners? That cop standing there is also the 99 percent. So is that local bank manager and that state congresswoman.

Perhaps we need to dialogue instead of demand. I suggest that the Occupy movement form listening circles. Invite the “other” into your circle instead of demonizing him.

Some Occupiers seem

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TACOMA: Media need to Occupy Reality

Journalists across the country have seemed to enjoy depicting the “Occupy” protesters on Wall Street and elsewhere as anti-capitalist college kids with no responsibilities or understanding of the “real world.”

As an employed, middle-class 31-year-old, I take great issue with the idea that only college kids or the unemployed can see the gross abuse of corporate power in our political system and daily lives and take action to make their feelings known. I am a proud member of Occupy Tacoma, whose members, by and large, are older than college kids.

The media, in their rush to establish a narrative, are

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